Why I’m Sharing

2009 Blue Germany 025

Before I start: I am NOT a writer. I do not pride myself on having proper knowledge in this area. I am merely sharing my experience, and I apologize if my writing style (or lack of) pulls you the wrong way.

I think we have all been in the same boat before. Whether we are planning a trip abroad or we are trying to find a place to inspire us, we are constantly looking for information to help our decision making. This is my goal for this blog, to share as much of my personal experiences as I can.

In 2009, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe for 3-4 weeks. Before we left, I recall my mom asking me to pick a few places that I really wanted to see in Germany. You would think that a 17 year-old would quickly find places that interest him, but it was harder than I thought. All of the recommendations I saw were put forth by corporations and other major travel sites. I think I ended up picking Neuschwanstein castle as a place I had to see (mostly because of its inspiration to Disney). I found myself being underwhelmed by the places I had set out to see before I left Canada (and I will explain that side in later posts). I just found it hard to find any information that had a personal touch to it.

Skip ahead to the summer of 2014, when I decided that I would start planning a trip to Europe (after graduating from my BBA-Finance program). I have found that there are a ton of people blogging about travel nowadays. I was thrilled to read through all of their suggestions. One of my favourites is Matt Kepnes or “Nomadic Matt”, who has done a great job organizing brief destination guides to get me started. While his guides are short, he blogs on various aspects of travel as well.

People like Matt have made a living from sharing their experiences with the rest of us. While I have no idea where this blog will lead me, I certainly want to provide you with the same personal touch that others have managed to do. I will share past experiences as well as plans for the future. Hopefully it inspires your next trip or adventure.

Thanks for reading,


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