Rothenburg ob der Tauber: Christmas and Beheadings

2009 Blue Germany 560

What do Christmas and punishment have in common? Our second day in Rothenburg

I find it hard to remember certain mornings of this trip that happened over 5 years ago, but I imagine it started late as usual. Most likely after 9:30 a.m. (or later). That’s one thing about me though, so don’t ever go travelling with me. I am guaranteed to sleep past 10. I can’t wait to have kids! Anyways, after laughing awkwardly with the host (because we didn’t understand each other), and eating, we headed into Rothenburg for our last day there.

The first thing we wanted to do was to walk around the wall (pictured above). Does anyone ever walk on top of a wall and then start singing to themselves “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”? Thought so. I knew I wasn’t the only one. In fact, I am playing it right now. Regardless, I thought the wall was pretty cool. If you want, grab your nearest shiv and etch your name into the wood or the wall. I didn’t do that, but I saw tons of names along the wall. I also didn’t have a shiv, but I heard you can make one out of almost anything. In a future blog “Shiv’s and You”, I’ll go over what kind of shiv’s suit different personalities.

The walkway is covered, so you could get around the town if it wasn’t a nice day. For us, it was more about protecting our pale bodies from the evil sun. The actual length of the wall was closer to 3km, but you should take your time going around it and taking pictures. As a 17 year old, I felt like a dog at an off leash park. I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. Note: You will notice a bunch of plaques along the wall, and they are there as a reminder of the people/companies who donated money to help rebuild parts of the wall after the war.

2009 Blue Germany 558

The wall was cool, and I have appreciated it even more since returning home. I’m thinking a day trip might be in order for November.

After that, we had a quick lunch and went our separate ways (if I remember correctly). By the way, sitting down and eating in town can be a little more expensive than your usual meal in Germany, so pack something for lunch. Save your money for the stuff that matters, beer. Following lunch, I went to the Criminal Museum and I have no recollection what the others did. Maybe they were with me? I don’t know. The museum was just way too cool.

Never mind, I checked the pictures and everyone was there. Anyways…

The Medieval Crime Museum or “Kriminal Museum”, was probably the coolest museum I have ever been in. I wasn’t overly impressed when I first walked in. Just seemed like they had large pieces of wood sitting on top of each other. The further I went, the more I enjoyed the museum. It has 4 floors worth of stuff to see, and it should be given a few hours of your day. The museum includes tons of masks, torture instruments, instruments used in executions, and other interesting displays. It was such a relief to see a museum like this. I had gotten tired of the churches and other boring museums we had been in.

For the price they charge (around 5 euro per person), I would be sad if someone I knew went to Rothenburg, and didn’t see this thing of beauty. It was just cool, and I found myself laughing at things like this:

2009 Blue Germany 500

And this:

2009 Blue Germany 506

And that:

2009 Blue Germany 537

Afterwards, we headed to the Christmas shop “Käthe Wohlfahrt”, and my mom and grandmother spent what seemed like an entire afternoon looking through ornaments. It was just too early for me to think about Christmas, so I walked around the streets outside. The half-timbered buildings were enough of a distraction for me.

Rothenburg ended up being one of my favourite stops on the trip, and I would gladly go back in the future.

This was taken before leaving my IPod and wallet at the table. Luckily, nobody took it when I had returned 10 minutes later.

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