Music: What I Actually Listen To

The corny post you’ve been waiting for

Every once in a while, we hear a song that just clicks in our head. Once this happens, we are left with a feeling that’s hard to get rid of. As corny as it sounds, you can’t say that hasn’t happened to you, because there are so many songs that have done the same to me. It can happen in any situation, and when it does these songs stick with us for a long time. I have so many that I could probably break them down into a few groups.

If you click on the song titles, it should lead you to the YouTube video page for each song!

Songs that inspire me to pack up and leave town:

1. The Piano Guys – Peponi (Paradise): To some, this would be a rip-off of the popular Coldplay song. To me, it’s a far better version. Regardless, I would bet that a bunch of you would find this song funny.

2. Lanterns- Birds of Tokyo: First heard this song on a show called “Legit”, and it instantly became a favourite of mine. Obviously, it was not intended to make people want to travel, but it certainly brings up the feeling to do something more.

3. So Good – B.o.B: Like you haven’t listened to this song in the shower…

Then there are the songs I will listen to in the summer, even if I’m close to home:

1. Noting But Summer – Dallas Smith: Nothing like some fast paced and upbeat country music. Heck, I find myself playing it in the winter sometimes. Even when its -20.

2. Days of Gold – Jake Owen

3. Uncaged – Zac Brown Band: That feeling you get when you walk out of your final exam of the semester :p

Songs that I would have to play on a road trip:

1. Days Go By – Keith Urban

2. Born Free – Kid Rock

3. Raised On It – Sam Hunt

The ones that are acceptable to play at night:

1. Runnin’ Outta Moonlight – Randy Houser

2. Leave The Night On – Sam Hunt

3. Just Add Moonlight – Eli Young Band

The songs I would play when I’m ready to come home:

1. Alberta Bound – Paul Brandt: I am totally biased here, because I am from Alberta.

2. Homegrown – Zac Brown Band

Other songs that just happen to get played more in the summer:

1. Knee Deep – Zac Brown Band

2.  Jumped Right In – Dallas Smith

3. Better Than This – Hunter Hayes

4. Danza Kuduro – Don Omar

5. Drunk On A Plane – Dierks Bentley: This song is incredibly stupid. Nobody enjoys being drunk on a plane, but at the same time it sounds like a party…

I’m leaving a ton of music out. Obviously, you would require a bigger playlist. What am I missing though? What are your favourite songs to play before/after/during your vacation time?

4 thoughts on “Music: What I Actually Listen To

  1. Website I would like to see- enter the place or setting you travel to and get a related playlist. Could spend a lifetime developing that.


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