The Value of Travel


Very quick post. Watch the Rick Steve’s Tedx Talk above!

I’m not the biggest fan of Rick’s tv show, but he does a lot of great lectures on travel. Consider watching one sometime!

People travel for different reasons. Some for relaxation, some for adventure, and some to learn.  Some even manage to include all 3 (which is definitely possible).

Ask me what I remember about Germany. Ask me what I remember about New York. Ask me what I remember from all of my summers spent between Alberta and British Columbia.

I bet my life that I can’t think of more than a few historical facts from each destination. What do I remember? The actual experiences with the people that I’ve met. I wouldn’t have remembered anything from Germany, had we only spent one day in each spot while running between sites.

Put yourself into the unknown. Walk a few blocks off the main drag and eat where the locals really eat. Walk into that random clothing store, and watch someone strip in front of you and your grandma (next post).

“Fear, for me, is for people who don’t get out very much”- Rick Steve’s


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