Barr, France: What Alsace is Hiding


Only spent an afternoon here but I enjoyed it

Having been fed up with what Strasbourg had to offer, we took a day trip to the town of Barr, which would end up being our last stop in France. While there wasn’t a lot of depth to the town, I enjoyed it. Like Strasbourg, it had similar architecture that would make you think you were visiting a small town in Germany. Language was the only difference. We didn’t struggle with any communication this time. In fact, any interactions I had in this town were great. Everyone seemed to be happy with where they were. There were maybe 5,000 people living in this town.

On the way into town, I could look out either side of the van and see farmland or wineries. I know we ended up stopping at one, but I was at the prime age of “not giving a f-“, so I don’t exactly remember it at all. Just tuned out that entire stop.

Once in town, I found it hard to pick out anything I didn’t like. The only issue was finding a parking spot. I believe it was a Sunday, and a lot of other tourists were passing by as well. This made our search a little difficult. After driving through multiple neighbourhoods we had finally found one spot to take. Even though it took awhile the bulk of town was within a 5-10 minute walk of where we were.

After passing by a few shops, I picked one and bought a bunch of chocolate that I ended up bringing home with me. Even though I didn’t know ANY French, I had no problem understanding anything or anyone. The little chocolate shops in Barr are fantastic.

We ended up settling on a random restaurant on a street that didn’t seem too busy. This restaurant was run by an Italian man, and we were spoiled. We had no clue what we should get, and the owner helped us pick out 5 different types of crepe pizza’s. Basically, they were a fraction of the size of a thin crust pizza, but they were uber good. I would totally stop by again.

Turns out the owner really likes Canada, and when he found out where we came from he treated us really well. That being said, he was nice to begin with. If I recall, he even gave us some wine. While I can’t remember his name, he had told us that he really wanted to move to Canada to become a full-time teacher. Sadly, his significant other never wanted to leave France, and they ended up settling into Barr. His service was first class, and I will never forget it.


We didn’t do all that much in town. The last thing we did was walk to their outdoor market, where some of us bought some small things to bring back home with us. The outdoor market included a lot of artistry. Paintings and jewellery stood out from everything else. Every single thing was hand crafted, which is something we don’t always get to see in Canada.

After the market, we packed up the van and headed back to Strasbourg for a last night. I was sad to be backtracking to a place that brought no value to my trip, and I wished we could have stayed one night in this town.

Should you find yourself driving through the Alsace region, or on your way to Strasbourg in general, I would suggest stopping by this town for a brief visit. You won’t be upset that you did, and you might have an interaction with an Italian restaurant owner that you will never forget.

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