New York: Grimaldi’s Pizza/Brooklyn Bridge


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My second full day in New York

If there is one common theme from this trip, it’s that I never woke up before 9:30 the entire week. I was exhausted from finishing the second year of my management program, I’ll have you know (I’m lying, because the management program wasn’t that tough). I was also tired from staying up and watching Friends re-runs every night, because New York… Anyways, we just HAD to go to Tim Horton’s before we made our way to Brooklyn.

As stupid as it sounds, I would rather be caught in a Tim Hortons than in a Starbucks. That being said, the Tim Hortons on Houston street was awful. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were closed the next time I wind up in NY. Regardless, there are way to many unique coffee shops in NY, and you shouldn’t waste your time standing in line at a coffee chain.

The walk to TH on Lafayette street wasn’t bad though. It never seems to be as busy, and we rarely had to wait for a car to drive by. However, walking south towards the Brooklyn bridge was probably the most annoying walk we had the entire week. Not going to single anyone out here, but there were a lot of people approaching us with their little cards, trying to sell us “luxury” purses. There’s a joke in there somewhere…

Brooklyn Bridge


Today turned out to be the only rainy/overcast day we had, but weather wasn’t an issue at all. We wanted to walk across, and Grimaldi’s (pizzeria of choice) just happened to be on the Brooklyn side. HOW CONVENIENT. It was actually a nice walk across, and it was nice to not worry about my pale skin for a day.

If you were hoping to learn about some history you came to the wrong place. I don’t remember any of it. There are multiple plaques and inscriptions on the bridge for you to read…if you want…which I didn’t. I was too anxious for pizza. If I could say one thing about the bridge it’s that it is grand, just like the rest of New York.

If you love architecture this would be a must during your visit. If you aren’t lazy it makes for a nice walk/gateway into downtown Brooklyn, which has some nicer neighbourhoods in it. If you have no desire to go to Brooklyn, and you are incredibly lazy, you can take the subway into the first stop in Brooklyn, then backtrack over the bridge by foot into Manhattan.

Since you have to backtrack around some traffic, I would suggest walking through the neighbourhoods just south of the bridge. That is, if you aren’t in a rush. We were there for a week and time was never an issue for us. This area can be pretty quiet during the day, and I could totally see myself buying one of the houses (townhouses) if I had to live in New York (like I could ever afford it).


(Straight off of Google Earth :p)

If you go further east, you would eventually run into the Brooklyn Bridge Park. While it pales in comparison to *real* parks, it gives an almost uninterrupted view of Manhattan, specifically the south point (financial district). If you are patient enough you could certainly snap a great pic. I wasn’t, and it looks like I got a light pole almost right in the middle 🙂 So snap a good picture and head over to Grimaldi’s.



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I don’t know why it took so long for me to find. The bridge is literally right behind the building! The lineup to get in wasn’t as bad when we were there. We may have had to wait 10 minutes to get in. You can tell it is a local favourite, especially with a lot of teenagers/young adults. There were also a mix of tourists who probably saw Grimaldi’s on Celebrity Apprentice…

Anyways, the place was busy as heck, and they did give us time to make our orders, but I did feel a little rushed. I guess I could give a quick review:


– quick service

– nice servers

– real pizza (not the shit you can find at Panago, or any other crap place you may order in from)

I didn’t really have any cons. There was nothing fancy about the place. Honestly, even the cups looked like they had been there since opening. But that’s what I liked. If I lived there and I had a choice between a fancy restaurant and Grimaldis, you would probably see me at Grimaldi’s at a slightly wobbly table with a checkered sheet that you would find at a campground. While the pizza wasn’t exactly “out-of-this-world good”, it was the first *real* pizza I had ever had. I’d give the experience a B+

Considering the rate in which they burn through their customers, I would have to say they did an awesome job, but I wouldn’t go back unless I was with someone new and they wanted to walk across the bridge. There are tons of local pizzeria’s in New York, and it would be sad to miss out on all the other awesome little stops. In fact, there are 3 within the same block :p

After we paid up, we headed back across to Manhattan. Dropped a couple hundred dollars like it was our day job and headed back in to watch Friends…

I’ll probably say this again, but there is no such thing as “seeing New York” on a short trip. We were there for 8 days, and I feel like I have enough to go back there for another extended period of time. I could easily go back there for a month and just spend my days scouting out local restaurants for the evening. New York is best discovered walking around the city without a clock, and you should consider doing the same (if possible).

Next time I go, I will definitely be spending another week there. This time, I am going to eat as much pizza as possible. Also, don’t just go to Tripadvisor and look up ratings for restaurants. And ignore the ratings you can see on the google maps. The best reviews are found through actual write ups and blogs, and they can easily be found with searches like “my favourite pizza in New York”.



2 thoughts on “New York: Grimaldi’s Pizza/Brooklyn Bridge

  1. I would like to go to New York and check out all those eating places. Keep on blogging….great reading.



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