Thank You

2009 Blue Germany 346

Frauenkirche Dresden 2009, I think…

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has followed along over the last several months. I will now be taking an extended leave of absence to pursue a long time dream of becoming an “amazing ball whacker guy”, and that dream starts today. Jokes though, I just won’t be posting over the next week or so as I prepare to write finals before scooting to my first destination of the summer (Salmon Arm, B.C.).

I used to think blogging was stupid. Seriously, I thought it was for people who were bored. As I got older, I became more interested in writing and sharing my own content. At first, I looked at writing on film, but I think I may have lost interest in that eventually. There are way too many people writing on film, and not enough people sharing personal experiences on places that I desire to go. In December, I started a WordPress site called “My First Taste of Europe”, but I never actually wrote a post. I lacked the desire to share my story. I took 2 courses this semester that encouraged me to share my personal stories, and I give most credit to my Social Media Marketing course.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts from the groundswell book. More importantly, I have enjoyed sharing my own stories with you. It’s crazy to look back to 2009 and 2013 and do posts on entire days at a time, and I am sure I will only get better as I write more.

Special thanks to the family members that have been following a long. I guess there were a lot more stories from these trips than I previously thought. More surprisingly, I am incredibly encouraged by the viewership of this blog. I set a goal in January of reaching 1000 unique views by the end of April, and I am currently within sniffing distance of that goal. It’s been crazy to see the different countries represented in the visits to this site. Outside of Canada, I am seeing views from United States, Netherlands, Germany, France (even after all of the teasing), Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand, Belgium, Greece, SLOVENIA, Spain, and Poland.

I honestly never thought that my stories would reach many countries outside of North America, and this has only encouraged me to continue writing in the future. Following my weeks long hiatus, you can expect posts on the following:

  1. More from Germany: Including Wittenberg, Leipzig, Dresden, Füssen, Meissen, and others.
  2. British Columbia: Including Penticton (looking for pictures), Kelowna, Shuswap Lake, Vancouver, and White Rock.

Hopefully, those stories will carry me through the summer. Then you can expect more stories on the following places after I visit them in the fall:

  1. Germany: Frankfurt, Freiburg, Munich, Regensburg, Bamberg, Esslingen, Heidelberg, Cologne, and others
  2. Switzerland: Bern and Zurich
  3. Italy: Milan, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Florence, Orvieto, and Venice
  4. Austria: Innsbruck and Salzburg
  5. Portugal: Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Coimbra, Porto, and Braga
  6. Belgium: Brussels and Bruges

Again, I thank you for following thus far. To be fair, I haven’t been to these places in more than a few years, but it has been fun to look back at the things I enjoyed (and the s*** I hated). I look forward to sharing my stories with you in the future!


Colin (17 was a weird age for everyone, right? errr….)

2009 Blue Germany 553


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