Driving on the Trans-Canada: Drivers you will see


I can’t say that I have done any significant road trips on my life, but I can’t see how driving through the mountains can be topped. I’ve done the same drive from Edmonton to Salmon Arm tons of times, and I never have that bored/dull feeling I get when driving through most of rural Alberta (there is nothing to see). Once you make it out of Calgary, and you come within 30 minutes of Canmore, the mountains spring up and your drive is no longer boring. No more close calls falling asleep, my friends! You are coaxed out of boredom with the new challenge of having to do slight turns on winding roads for the rest of your trip! No more straightaways…

Anyways, I ran into a lot of different characters on my route:

1. The truckers who consistently moved into the right lane when the passing lanes opened up:


These guys are the real heroes of the road. There isn’t a better feeling when driving through the mountains behind a group of trucks, and then ripping by them with about 400m of passing room. For the purposes of this write up, I never sped (Dad might see this).

2. Truckers trying to pass other truckers, while going the same speed:


First of all, I appreciate that you want to get to your destination as fast as you can, and maybe the other truckers aren’t as fast as you are. This doesn’t change the fact that you wasted my time, and I think you are terrible people 🙂

3. Excessive speeders:


(Courtesy: bumperstickerz.com)

These people don’t bug me, as long as I can see them coming. Why? Because I get to tail them to see where the speed traps are. You want to go 30-40 over in the mountains? Be my guest, my friend! Just don’t be surprised when you see me tailing you a ways back.

4. Families in their SUV’s, trying to make passes at or below the speed limit:


When these people get in “my lane”, I get a little “road-ragey”. Only because I know that I am probably going to be stuck behind them for the next 10-20 minutes. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SPEED FOR MAYBE 30 SECONDS, GET BACK IN YOUR STUPID LANE, AND SLOWLY DIE THERE.

Anyways, there are tons of other characters, but the first 4 are the most common when I’m out there. There are also the people that go just the right speed and get out of the way when needed (these are a rare breed, especially in Alberta). I find that I am going through a wide range of emotions and faces when I make these trips, and I am wishing I had a dash cam so I could show you these reactions.

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