Filmpark Babelsberg and a grumpy German

2009 Blue Germany 211

Every once and awhile, it’s okay to waste money on silly things to distract you for an afternoon..

I have previously written on Sachsenhausen, and this little excursion occurred the day after visiting the concentration camp. Maybe an attempt to “lighten the mood”. The weather wasn’t great though, so you could say the mood carried over to this day.

We hopped into our red van and drove to Potsdam, where the park was located. Now that I have actually done proper research, I would have loved to just have wasted a day wandering through Potsdam, which is a beautiful city on its own. Regardless of the weather, we paid the overpriced admission and proceeded through the park. It was 16 euros for myself, and I was 17 at the time. Considering they were adding on to the park at the time, we did not have access to the same things the park offers today. You can find the parks website below:

Overall, the park was pretty underwhelming. If you have ever been to Universal Studios, this place can’t even compare. That being said, I was re-introduced to my favourite German characters:

PANAMA! (Retrieved from:


2009 Blue Germany 209


Not only did this bring flashbacks of elementary school and German class, but the little ride around his house was probably the only ride I enjoyed in the park. It was just a tiny water ride with a small drop near the end. I think I went on it 3-4 times, only because it was the only ride that stuck out to me. And the park was mostly empty, there’s that too…

Can you tell if this ride is geared towards kids?
Filmpark Babelsberg

Between some rockin’ kids rides, I made sure I went to one of their themed restaurants for some currywurst (which is made EVERYWHERE in Germany).

The coolest attraction at Babelsberg would be their pyro/stunt show, which is similar to the one done at Universal, only with more fire (I thought):

The last thing I recall was getting to check out the film sets at the back of the park, where you can do a half-hour studio tour:

Shown above is Berliner Street, which was built to represent the average street seen in Berlin. Films like Inglorious Basterds, Hanna, The Book Thief, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, have all utilized this studio at one point. Aside the stunt show, this was my favourite part of Babelsberg.

While the park was quite underwhelming, I did enjoy the parts I had access to. I still think this place would be great if you were travelling with a younger family, considering it is geared towards kids for the most part. However, one thing did stick out to me and makes me glad that I took German in school.

While waiting to get into the back lot tour, the usher asked for a group of 4 to join it. That way the tram would be full and there wouldn’t be an uneven number. He even beckoned us to get in. As I was sitting down, an older gentleman with his 2 kids uttered something in German like “stupid Americans, nothing better to do.” For a split second I was upset because we had been in Berlin for 4 days and nobody had said anything to us like that. So, I turned to him and said “wir kommen aus Kanada. Und Ich kann ein bischen Deutsch sprechen.”

We come from Canada. And I can speak a little German. 

My goodness. Pretty embarrassing to get called out by a 17-year old. His face went red, and he never said anything again. For those Americans reading this, my correction was not a shot at you. Just thought he could at least get the right country. That made the 10 years of German worth it, and I didn’t even have to say anything clever 😉

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