Wittenberg: Disneyland for Grandma

2009 Blue Germany 238

As we walked towards the old town, I peered over my shoulder at Grandma, who subsequently gave a goofy smile as she raised her hands over her shoulders. She was repeating the embarrassing walk that she put me through 3 years prior, in freaking Disneyland…

I still remember trying to find our bed and breakfast in town. Peter (who is from Germany) struggled to find the house. His GPS (with English accent) kept taking us through wrong turns. At one point, Peter stayed in a tiny traffic circle for probably 9-10 laps. As fun as it was, I was relieved when we finally saw the sign for the b&b:

2009 Blue Germany 216

Gastezimmer Wolter was BY FAR my favourite accommodation in Germany. Maybe I will change my mind when I re-visit other stops on that trip, but I loved it. Here are a bunch of pics of our rooms. They have updated the rooms a lot since I stayed there in 2009. We had a full suite, which included kitchen and bath. Most of this b&b just had single rooms, so I think we were lucky:

2009 Blue Germany 218

2009 Blue Germany 219

2009 Blue Germany 225

2009 Blue Germany 226

2009 Blue Germany 200

2009 Blue Germany 198

2009 Blue Germany 177

The owners were really nice, had suggestions for our stay, and were even interested in the rest of our trip. At one point, one of us actually broke a shelf in the fridge. I was worried they would be really mad, but they didn’t even charge us for any damages. Breakfast was good and included a platter of meats, cheese, fruits, and bread. If you like b&b’s you should definitely stay here. If you are interested in going to Wittenberg, I highly suggest staying here. Here’s the link:



Wittenberg holds both historical and religious significance, with the ladder being promoted more. Martin Luther is the key attraction to this town. Without giving a history lesson, Luther paved the way for modern day Lutheranism. The old town highlights where he lived and preached for much of his life. Luther was a badass because he basically preached against what the Catholic Church was practicing at the time. He would eventually write “The 95 Theses” which really questioned catholic practices, rather than acting radically towards them. Luther would end up “nailing” his theses to the Wittenberg castle church, and thus sparked a lot of controversy which would eventually lead to modern day Lutheranism.  If you want to learn more about Luther, head here:


For those who didn’t pay enough attention in German class (me), you can get audio tours that guide you through the old town. Because I wasn’t in for a history lesson on the birth of a religion, I can’t recall anything that stuck out to me. However, the church was pretty cool. It stands out amongst other churches I had seen in Europe because it wasn’t extravagant. Rather, it had a simple layout with a lot of great detail:

2009 Blue Germany 228

2009 Blue Germany 227

2009 Blue Germany 229

2009 Blue Germany 231

2009 Blue Germany 234

2009 Blue Germany 224

2009 Blue Germany 233

And there’s Grandma, post “hands above her head in Disneyland/ embarrassing me walk”, standing in front of Luther’s grave. I was told by different sources that he is in fact buried here, below the church. Depends on how you define “remains” :p

I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Wittenberg, but it was a beautiful town. The streets were clean, the crowds were sparse, and the food was…good? I only had a beer, I wouldn’t know. It also included my favourite b&b, after all.

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