Meissen: Beyond Dresden

2009 Blue Germany 361

Considering I spent more time in smaller towns in Germany, I had been accustomed to their flow. Meissen made for a great day trip from Dresden, where we had been staying for close to a week.  

Meissen is located northwest of Dresden, and it sits on the Elbe. It is a quick drive from Dresden. If you wanted to take a train to Meissen, they typically leave every 30 minutes from Dresden Hauptbahnhof for a reasonable price. Make sure you check the train schedules, because it only runs until specific times depending on what day it is.

Meissen was one of my favourite small towns in Germany. Considering it was August, it seemed like very few tourists knew of this place. Most likely because they were either rushing north to Berlin, or south to Munich. Meissen is best known for manufacturing porcelain. In the past, it was a sought after product. Rather than importing porcelain from China and other at high prices, a porcelain factory was eventually started in Meissen. In the 1900’s, a large part of this factory space was converted into a museum. I did not go inside myself, but if you want to know more their link is below:

Instead of going into another museum, I opted to go around town in search of some “gelato”. Peter, our friend, reminded us that we will never experience true gelato unless we go to Italy. I hope he’s right. Considering we were in the old town, there were a bunch of options to stop and eat, but we picked a spot that was down a street with absolutely no tourists on it. That was the first “ohhhhh” moment in Germany, where I realized how beneficial it would be to eat as far away from attractions as possible. Oh, and the “gelato”, it was f***ing delicious.

Then comes the fuzzy stuff, where I cant even recall which streets we had gone through. That brings me to what would be my 2nd most important tip: Bring a notebook and write down activities from each day, including any special spots you see. Because right now, I am sitting at work, banging my head on my desk  because I can’t even recall the restaurant that I ate at.

Regardless of my fuzzy memory, I loved my walk through the altstadt. The architecture in Europe did not disappoint, and Meissen was certainly special. It had certain areas that looked like buildings were built facing almost every direction:

2009 Blue Germany 365

If you make the easy walk uphill, you can grab a drink at a restaurant with commanding views of the city, as well as some pesky wasps (in August). When I recall the name, I will add it in here:

2009 Blue Germany 366

2009 Blue Germany 360

2009 Blue Germany 374

2009 Blue Germany 373

On our way back, we missed the last direct train to Dresden. So we took a ride on one of the old raid lines, which was once used to take kids to/from school.

Meissen was a surprising gem in relation to Dresden, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go and wander the streets in the future.

2009 Blue Germany 364

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