An update on the blog: 6monthiversary


A little update…

I feel bad because I totally missed my 6 month anniversary with this blog (last month). It is officially the longest and most stable relationship I have ever been in, and I’ll drink to that! Dear Bloggy, I apologize for ignoring you over the last month or so 😦

I am actually surprised to find myself writing this post. Leading into my Social Media class (in January), I knew blogging would be a big chunk of my grade and I despised the idea of writing. I’ve always been really good at bullshitting on a business paper but I felt like blogging wasn’t something I could make up at random. I figured that if I made a mistake I would most likely get called out by a lovely troll on some social media site.

Anyways, within the first post I found myself enjoying it more than I expected. Regardless of the response in viewers, I really enjoy looking back at trips I took years ago. It gives me sanity when I am stuck in Edmonton in -30 degree weather. Also, I still believe it’s a better alternative to gaming all the time :p

I’ve been pretty bad at doing weekly posts this summer for no apparent reason. I am currently finishing up my last course to get my BBA-Fincance, and I work throughout the week. Even when I don’t have much work to do I tend to be really sluggish in the summer months, but things should pick up in September (leading up to the trip).

My next post is on Dresden. While it was one of my favourite places in Germany, I have found it hard to remember certain specific aspects of that trip in 2009. For that reason I am taking my time posting it. I will either struggle to put out multiple descriptive posts, or I will do a short write up and just share my favourite pictures from the city. To be honest, Dresden was one of the places where we typically left our camera in our room and enjoyed what was there, so don’t expect too much. After that I might get my ass in gear and finish off the last few posts on Germany, which would be nice to wrap up before I leave.

Again, I am truly impressed by the number of people that have been reading my posts (even in the last 2 months), so thank you for that! I am more impressed by where this is being read though. As of today, this blog has been viewed in 32 different countries! That has spread a lot further than I initially expected. Hopefully one of those posts convinced you to visit one of those places as well.

Thanks for reading,

Colin Blue

PS- For future reference, I left my email on my About Me page. While I would love to get emails with any questions or comments you may have, I do not need emails correcting my grammar! As I said before: I am not a writer 😉

2009 Blue Germany 304

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