Periscope: 3 Reasons Why I Love It


For those of us who are out of the loop or don’t have a good relationship with technology. This post highlights Periscope and how I see this changing travel. 

Periscope is a streaming app for smartphones where anyone can stream live feeds of whatever they would like. If you have Twitter, it is a lot easier to sign up for this service as all accounts are run in conjunction with your Twitter account.  If you don’t have Twitter, I believe you would have to create an account on there before you can get an account on Periscope.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can utilize it however you would want. For one, you can create your own live stream. In doing so, you can make it private where only your followers will watch or you can make it a public stream. During your stream anyone can share your live stream with people on Periscope/Twitter. So it has a lot of potential in terms of reach.

After you finish your live stream, you have the option to keep the videos on your account for anyone to see for 24-hrs. *Note: You have to follow someone to see their videos  after they stop the stream, and it isn’t retroactive either*

There are also tons of people on Periscope that just use it to watch other peoples feeds. In doing so, you have the ability to interact with the person performing the live feed by sending a message during the process. Once you send a message it shows up in order on screen for everyone to see. A lot of the good “Periscopers” will answer most of the comments they see on the screen. In my opinion, people on Periscope are far more interactive than those you see on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. That goes for celebrities as well.

Anyway, here are three reasons why I love Periscope, and why I think it is shifting the travel/marketing industry:

(1) It’s Fresh-

Periscope combines the reach of Twitter, but it is ultimately the most useful way to broaden your reach (especially if you are in travel). Even if you just have a blog and were looking to make money through your own brand, Periscope makes it easy for you to broadcast from almost anywhere. Whether you broadcast from your home to showcase your post/blog, or you are being hired to showcase a hotel/city, this is the app of the future (for now :p).

It’s fresh because people broadcasting are showing their real emotions and can start to build real connections with their followers.

(2) It’s Simple-

Anyone can start their own “channel” on Periscope and slowly build a decent sized audience. Once you’ve downloaded the app it is a simple 2-step process to do your broadcasts. You can add hashtags to the title for when you share it on Twitter, which expands your reach even more.

I’m going to use it a few times for fun. But if you really want to make a living through blogging on travel, there is pretty well no excuse for you to avoid using this app.

(3) It’s Real-

I love some of the regulars I see on Periscope, and I’ll share my top 3 with you:

Göran Nitsche– Leipzig Live TV

Goran lives and works mostly in Leipzig, in Eastern Germany. He frequently live streams his trips to and from work. He also likes to show historical sites in his home town. Goran also does live streams when visiting German cities like Berlin, Dresden, Cologne (and more to come).

Goran is one of the only consistent periscopers in Germany, as he does live feeds almost every day. If you can’t afford to travel to Europe right now, I highly suggest following him. He does not have a huge audience yet and he will absolutely interact with you (he also loves the odd comment in German, even though he speaks English very well).

 Todd Dosenberry – @atravelingtoad or 

Todd is a great writer and has been doing so for a while. Recently, Todd has decided to make the move to Thailand in the next year. Over that time, he will be showing live feeds of Thailand (as well as other south Asian countries). Like Goran, Todd has got into the Periscope game early, and is one of the only people doing so in Thailand at the moment. Anyone can blog about their experience, and Todd is getting ahead of everyone by doing live feeds.

Kelly May –

Kelly has many talents, one of them being sharing her experiences outside of acting and trying to sell her own show. Recently, Kelly was picked to be part of a small group of people to go to Dubai and do a bunch of Periscopes for various spots there. As Kelly recently pointed out, people of vastly different backgrounds are being hand-picked and paid to use Periscope for marketing purposes, so why haven’t you tried it yet?

As far as I see it, Periscope can be used for travel in two different ways. In my case, I plan on using it to share some cool spots during my upcoming trip (for fun). However, if you are looking to expand your blog/brand, there’s no reason to not use Periscope. If you don’t like the amount of data it uses just wait until you’re on WiFi to do updates or check-ins!

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