I’m Just On The Wrong Continent, That’s All…


It’s that trip I’ve been waiting to do since the first time I drove through Berlin, I’m finally going back to Europe…and I’m not exactly jumping out of my seat yet. 

Anyone else get that feeling? When you spend years planning and thinking about where you want to go and how you will get there. By the time you board the plane, you are extremely happy yet quite reserved with your emotions. That’s where I’m at, and I don’t see that changing for a few days. Today, I will be flying to Frankfurt, through Amsterdam (sans hangover):


It’s been weird to talk to people about what I’m doing. Most people I know say that they don’t know anyone else that has done the same thing. The funny thing is, Europe has been walked over by millions of backpackers and this 3 month trip is probably going to be no different than the ones that came before.

I don’t think the reality of the trip will hit me until I take my first train going the wrong way, or when I find myself scrounging around for the best currywurst stand. Or maybe come Friday, when I’m supposed to be heading right to Milan. For which, I have not yet been able to purchase a bus or train ticket yet. Worst case, Milan gets skipped in favour of more time in Germany (Freiburg).

I’m sure it will all go off with out a hitch :p

4 thoughts on “I’m Just On The Wrong Continent, That’s All…

  1. To a Grandson I couldn’t be prouder of. The whole family will undoubtly miss you, but this has been your dream, so live it fully. Blog, E mail, we will be waiting to hear of all your adventures. When you are in Frieburg think of me, that was one of my very favorite places.
    Be Safe,
    Love you Tons,


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