First Dates Are Awks


First day at work, first date, or even the first day abroad. They’re all awkward and I’m living proof.

Firstly, this was my first time flying KLM and I was really impressed with the service. More so for the international flight. I would definitely use them again.

My arrival at Frankfurt Hahn was not a smooth one. It toom me a while to realize you have to take a shuttle bus to get to the train. Let’s just say, waiting for that bus was not a great start to the trip.

Once I found my bearings, it was quite easy to find my AirBnB. I think I took 3 trains total but the only wait time was at the airport for 5 minutes. Eat that Edmonton. Granted, I was 2 hours early so I walked around and chilled in a park for that time…

I finished the day of with Schnitzel and a Pils, they way it should be. Today (Oct 1) will be spent searching for reasonably priced currywurst. That’s my only goal:


Outside of that, I will be hitting up the Römer and trying not to blow too much before Italy.

PS- If you find yourself in Frankfurt, always get the day card for the trains. Way easier than worrying about how far one ticket will get you!

4 thoughts on “First Dates Are Awks

  1. Happy you are there safe and sound. I tried traveling with you, but fell asleep. Glad you found the currywurst, I liked that with a beer.
    Grampa said to tell you that the Blue Jays secured first place last, I know one game they had 14 runs.
    So great hearing from you, will continue travelling with you, when awake.
    Lots of Love


  2. Hi my favorite nephew… don’t tell the rest I said that. It is so awesome to be able to travel with you. I love the posts and hope there are many more. Then we don’t miss you so much. Be safe and we love you lots!!


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