Frankfurt: Hier Bin Ich


Woke up at 6 on my first day. Safe to say that I did not get enough sleep to catch up. I waited until about 8:30 and headed over to the U5 and went straight to the Römer/Dome area…

The picture above is a shitty one taken by my phone. Regardless, this is how every walk started off once I left the room I had rented on AirBnb, which I’ll be giving a solid review for later. My host, Tom, was amazing.

Once I came out of the station I was face-to-face with Dom St. Bartholomäus, which towered over myself and a group of tourists holding selfie sticks *sigh*.

Sadly, the Dom was closed to public in preperation for the weekend, but I’ll get two more chances to see it and get a history lesson.

I spent the next 3 hours simply walking the streets of Frankfurt. Taking in the city before I took any pictures of the core. Once I felt like I was oriented, I headed to a square just west (?) Of the square and got breakfast. Käsebrot mit eier for €2,55, a bargain for someone looking to spend as little as possible.


Better than it looks!

Afterwards, I headed to the river where I saw local graffity artists working on slabs of concrete for an event. Something I wish to see more of at home. I then headed across a pedestrian bridge filled with locks, a common practice in many european cities.


On the opposite side of the river from the Römer are walking paths that give the best views of Frankfurt, imo. I then ended the excursion with my first glimpse of the Römer. Not all that impressed, but looking forward to the xmas markets there in December.

I ended my day at a Kebab place in the neighbourhood I’m staying in. The gentleman treated me like a local, it was awesome. I still haven’t spoken any English, other than buying my bus ticket at Eurolines. I then slept from about 7-10 and now 1-5 am. My bus leaves for Milan, at 8.

I’ll have better pictures uploaded when I get home, as well as more stories to share. Today (or tomorrow for my) Canadian friends, I will be arriving at Ostello Bello Grande, a hostel that apparently blows other hostels away. Check it out if you can!

Ciao! (People use it in Germany, for some reason)

PS- Pics may be posted sideways. I’ll figure it out later.

2 thoughts on “Frankfurt: Hier Bin Ich

  1. Your photos come in correctly on an IPhone and my Mac. The photos of the Ostello Bello Grande look amazing – you have to try the hammocks! Can’t wait to hear about the 12 hour train ride from Frankfurt to Milan.


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