Do you even bus, bro?


Yesterday (Oct 2) pretty well sucked. My bus ride wound up in Milan 2.5 hrs late, but the day was saved by good public transport.

During the bus ride, I met an Italian from Turino, and he suggested some places to visit! His company was great during the 1hr stop at the Swiss border, which was ridiculous since we only had 11 passengers.


The ride itself was pretty cool. Passed by hundreds of communities that probably deserve exploring. I arrived in Milan nervous. It was after 22:00, but the transportation was great and I got to my stop quickly. The walk to the hostel was quiet, but I felt totally safe!

Ostello Bello Grande is a solid hostel, and I’ll most likely hate every hostel afterwards. I immediately met 3 Germans after the staff introduced me as part of their seminar (wrongly obviously).

The 4 of us then went out for dinner at 23:00, which I find incredibly cool. Something I’m not able to do at home. I tried salami piccanti (?), but found the pizza in Frankfurt to be better.

The night ended at 02:30, after sharing a few drinks with Mogli, one of the 3 Germans. He runs an organic farm and invited me to stay there when I go back to Munich.

The only shitty thing was the guy checking in at 4am and taking 30 minutes to set up his bed (with the lights on!). Tomorrow, I am doing a free walking tour!

PS- Eurolines wasn’t the nicest bus, but I appreciated having 2 drivers. One of them found time to joke around with me after waiting at thenswiss border.

3 thoughts on “Do you even bus, bro?

  1. I hope you are working on your Italian on these long bus rides . We expect you to become trilingual in 3 months , and find a rich Italian who will provide free lodging for your free loading relatives when we come to visit. Those Italian genes are in ya somewhere. Get with the program, Blue…


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