Italy, I can see you!


My first day in Italy…

Today started at 08:00, as I didn’t sleep much after Mr. 4am ruined the night. I figure from now on I’ll nap in the afternoon and then wake up early to best tourist groups.

The free walking tour started at 10:00, and I was told it only takes 25m to walk to the Duomo to meet. Well, it took me 45 minutes and I make it just in time, thank ya, baby Jesus!

I love walking the streets of Milan. No sketchy people where I am, and the apartments look amazing. I think I was distracted, which was why it took me so long. All the named streets were a little confusing too.

My tour guide was Marco, and I’ll write about his tour when I get home and can double check facts. Put shortly, it was a great tour with a lot of history and humor mixed in. I really enjoyed Marco, but the Berlin walking tour I did years ago is still my favourite. Here’s some pics I took. Will fill in destinations later.




Whispering walls! Told fellow Canadian, Eddie, that he was a sexy boy 👌

I also met yet another German, from Munich as well. I am looking forward to seeingall these people later this month.

Currently, I am relaxing and waiting for my German peeps to come back from the expo. Saved money so I could drink more at night. Tomorrow, I will be going inside the Duomo. Weather pending, I’ll pay the 8 euro to walk to the top. Then I’ll be visiting the river/marketplace and checking out the expo.


Ps- I have great pics on my camera and can’t wait to write on them when I get home

4 thoughts on “Italy, I can see you!

  1. really enjoying your blog – your skills have improved but the humour remains the same. Thanks for making me lengthen my bucket list again, and again, and again…


  2. Wow Colin, your holiday looks amazing. I am glad you have met nice safe people. I was worried someone would use your perfect skin to make clothing with. Stay away from the crazy people… for all we know YOUR the crazy person. Love you lots!


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