Tough One, Bawd!


On occasion, everything comes into place…

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge how stupid I can be. I’ve been sick for a few days. Ya, didn’t think it’d happen this early (only 70+ days to go and all), but it did. I thought and felt like it was allergies, so I purchased a small pack of allergy meds. BUT I WAS WRONG and now I refuse to buy medicine. Just stocking up on fruits n veggies.

Because I felt pretty crappy after wandering around Turin(on low energy), I cancelled my three nights in Genova, in favour of 3 more in the Cinque Terre.

As I passed through Genova (on the train), I felt horrible. The city sprung out from the hills and all the way to the harbour. It looked like a great place to explore.

It wasn’t until I pulled into the station at Monterosso, that I felt like the right choice was made. The weather is sunny and 20, and I could immediately hear the Mediterranean outside my stop.

I believe I’m staying at A Vigna Du Raffa (Hostelworld), and it is just inside the heart of the town. 20 narrow steps down and I have a plethora of restaurants to choose from!

I did not do much today. I went to the beginning of the blue hiking path and scoped out the hikes for tomorrow. Afterwards, I hiked up to the Church of San Francesco. It was a relief to find that I was the only one inside. Just below the church, a short hike down gives you grat views of both sides of Monterosso.

Everyone clears the beach around 6p.m., and I was able to sit on the tiny ocean wall (on one pointy-ass rock), and watch the sunset. I can see the lights coming on in Vernazza and look forward to exploring it later…


5 thoughts on “Tough One, Bawd!

  1. OMG!! It’s amazing!! I am so sorry that you are sick. I hope that you feel better soon so that you can enjoy your beautiful surroundings!


  2. Hey cuz!! That looks so beautiful I’m so jealous! Despite being sick I hope you’re having the time of your life!! We all miss you!! Get better soon and can’t wait to hear more! 😀


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