Today (October 9), I made the long anticipated hike into Vernazza…

Once you get off of the trail you will find yourself in the heart of town. If you are actually taking time to see the region, this is the best time to explore the town beyond the main streets:



If you like steps, the Cinque Terre is the right place for you. I must’ve spent close to an hour just walking around the streets. As soon as you get off the main streets, you will find there are almost no tourists (or people in general) to bump into.

Seen enough? Tired from the hike? Refill your water bottle at one of the fountains and go buy some focaccia (?) and relax in the harbour. I spent almost 2 hours here relaxing and listening to the waves behind me:


Vernazza harbour

Once I fought off the urge to fall asleep, I walked up to Castello Doria, paid my €1,5, and was greeted with great views of the town:


Tight staircase, so if you’re at the top you need to wait for your moment. Don’t hear anyone? RUN DOWN NOW. BEFORE THE TOUR GROUP GETS HERE

Castello Doria had some good views of town and the region:




Corniglia in the distance…

After deciding 4-5 hours was enough in Vernazza (it has the most tourists), I made the trek back to Monterosso. I never looked back, knowing tha-

Just kidding, I totally looked back. Drooled. Even got a little excited in the pants because Vernazza is a sexy one. Would definitely visit again, but would never stay here over night!

4/5- Favourite destination so far…

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