Lisbon: Just Getting Started


Walking in the Alfama, where every corner has it’s own special view

I’m on the train to Porto, having wrapped up my first stint in Lisbon (Nov 5-10). I was always going to make time to come here and people always said good things, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it here…

Knowing I’ll be back for 5-6 more days in a week or so made things easier. I never rushed to see anything in the city. Of the 5 nights, I think I went to bed once before 2 in the morning.

I stayed at Yes! Lisbon Hostel, and it was definitely the best part of being in Lisbon. The staff were friendly and remembered names, the dinners were always delicious and entertaining, and there was always something going on at night. If you are hostelling in Lisbon, stay here! I will never forget the people I met here 🙂


I did two walking tours that were organized through the hostel. Honestly, I think one is more than enough to get the history lesson and then you should just explore on your own.

The second night I did a pub crawl, which was the first organized one I’ve ever done.  The bars in Lisbon are really fun, but the clubs are smokey expensive. I’ll write on that later..

The day trip to Sintra was my favourite day. We started late, but managed to visit the walls of the moorish castle that overlooked the region, as well as Quinta Da Regaleira.


Walls of the moorish castle. Of course I can’t remember the name

Before I came on this trip, I was most excited for Quinta Da Regaleira, mostly for the well. Turns out, this place has a lot more to offer. I say this because 6 grown adults were running around like children the entire time. I can’t wait to visit again before going back to Lisbon.



On my last full day I went to the aquarium. I fell in love with ALLLLL ze animals. Honestly, if I was alone I would’ve spent twice as long in there. If you have a lot of time in Lisbon, definitely check it out! *But do not pay the extra 3 euro for their exhibit. Is it small*


I’m a little teapot…




Come at me, Bro.


Anyways, it’s safe to assume I’ll be going to the Zoo next time I am here :p

These past five days have been perfect. Summer weather, great people, good wandering, and even better nights. The city is a combination of beautiful and mysterious, and I look forward to coming back in 2 weeks.


I don’t know why I’m so sad to leave when I know I’ll be back. I guess that’s a good sign. Porto, here I come!

3 thoughts on “Lisbon: Just Getting Started

  1. As usual it looks fantastic!! I think the zoo would be my favourite part. I think for you it was probably like being with family!!! Thanks for the extra selfie!!


  2. As usual loved the pics., especially moorish castle, and your reflection. Keep them coming, really enjoy your blogs.


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