Porto: Take Smaller Steps


Waiting for the sun to set in order to capture the city

I arrived in Porto, yesterday. I ended up booking at Yes! Porto Hostel, after a über successful stay at Yes! Lisbon Hostel. I highly recommend both hostels. I signed up for the hostel run dinner the first night in order to establish some presence. Because I am staying here for almost a week, I wanted to see if anyone was doing the same, but it was more quiet on  a Tuesday night…

My first full day in Porto was pretty neat. I started with the walking tour, which showed more of the historical centre (churches and so on) as well as showing some beautiful views of Vila Nova de Gaia aross the river. *I always keep my camera away during the tours because I have plenty of time to come back later for pictures. JUST LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE* ALSO, they make a pit stop for a piece of delicious chocolate cake 😉


This afternoon was spent with a fellow Canadian. We walked towards the Douro river where we scoped out some port stops. The we picked up some euro beers and headed to Vila Nova de Gaia to look back at Porto as the sun went down.


Afterwards, we walked back to Porto over the pedestrian bridge which gets lit up at night.

This will probably be one of the few nights I actually go to bed before 12; so here’s a damn post, MOM!


I’ll be staying here for 6 nights total. While this place is easily explored in a short period of time, I am telling you to take smaller steps. Appreciate the history, enjoy the views, taste the port, and maybe even see where some of the inspiration for Harry Potter comes from (I believe it).


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