What Now?


An update on the blog as well as plans for the future. To quote Angry Beavers (a favourite childhood show) “It isn’t over ’till the fat beaver sings”

So here’s what’s to come:

Travel Me Blue:

I have a lot of content that I would love to publish over the next 4-6 months. Some will be on my recent experiences in Europe. I feel like I got really lazy after Italy, and I still have lots to share from Ireland, Portugal, and Germany. This includes my experience, suggested itineraries, restaurants, hostels, and so on…

I’d also like to continue doing a few advice based posts every few weeks. These will include tips as well as personal examples (my biggest mistake in 2015). I’m also going to try and open up the posts more, and hopefully this encourages you guys to share your tips and tricks as well.

More importantly, I would really like to start doing some opinion posts on real issues. While not all of them will be directly “travel” related. I feel there are many things going on that are keeping travellers from visiting certain countries, and I plan on addressing those.


A few refugees join a brass band, in Dresden (Germany)

Moving forward, I plan on sharing suggestions for travel in Canada. The focus will be on Alberta and British Columbia.

Travel Plans:

Considering I’m a recent graduate who just spent 3 months away, don’t expect me to be writing posts from another continent right away. I am currently looking to establish myself at home. That being said, I already know where I will be headed for my next big trip (hint: New Zealand).

While New Zealand may be a few years away, I always like to plan ahead. You can expect me to bring a lot of New Zealand travel content together here. So if you are planning on heading there too we can pan together :p

One thing that is for sure is I will have a lot of content related to Canada (Alberta/B.C.). On the coast of Italy, I rediscovered my love for being outdoors, so you can expect a lot of hiking related posts by the summer!

Anyway, I thought I would share this with those of you who have been sticking with the blog ever since I started last year in my social media marketing course. I can see a decent amount of regulars viewing outside of North America (love it 🙂 )

As always: Thanks For Reading!

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