Lucca: Trattoria da Leo

Apologies in advance. I took 0 photos of the restaurant, and I would never take a picture of my food at a sit down meal. That’s just ridiculous. EAT HERE. 

Trattoria da Leo was hands down my favourite meal on the entire trip. That doesn’t mean the food was the best (I found that I can’t place some ahead of others), but I had the best experience overall. Essentially, Trattoria da Leo was the Thanksgiving meal I missed out on in Manarola. It introduced me to local flavours and reminded me of home at the same time. 

I arrived at 8:15, which is right when the dining area fills up inside the restaurant. There were tables outside, but I was determined to enjoy a meal inside. I arrived just before a few groups of 4-6 people. Even though I was by myself the staff made me priority, seating me at a table for 4 (which I could not argue :p ). The service was professional, quick, and the food was made promptly. Honestly, it was so delicious I could have had dinner there every night in Lucca. Here’s what I suggest, even though this doesn’t “flow”, at all. I’ll write the exact notes I had taken on my phone during dinner.

Primi- Tortelli al ragu di carne (Tortellini with smoked cheese, ham, and zuchinni sauce). Great tortellini and the sauce kicked ass. I wanted to lick the plate, or at least scrape it to get all of the sauce off. *looks over shoulder* 5/5!!!

Secondi- Porchetta arrosto con patate arrosto (whole roast pork with roasted potatoes) This was like eating roast pork and potatoes at home, but someone replaced my grandma with Gordon Ramsay’s grandmother. At one point, I cried as I looked down at the plate and noticed I only had half left. 

1/2 L of beer Nomnom

Dessert: I had almost no room, so I got a small bowl of lime sorbet 🙂 how does one say sorbet? Why is it easier to say in Italian? Why am I eating this if I am already full? TAKE MY MONEY!

Total cost: 25 euro This will be my last dinner out in Lucca. I refuse to spend my euro in a place that may not stack up to this one. *sheds single tear of happiness*

I was so impressed with this find. I felt like I discovered something that some people might be missing out on. However, when I returned to my room I found the restaurant listed on Rick Steve’s. So much for being slightly off the track! Regardless, I think anyone would enjoy a meal here. The staff are great, the food is amazing, and the décor was definitely interesting. In early October, Lucca hosted what seemed to be an annual comic and games festival. As such, the restaurant added pictures/posters from well known comics. I found it quirky and loved how it blended into the original décor.

If you find yourself in Lucca, GO EAT HERE. Treat yo’self to a delicious meal. If you end up coming for dinner, I suggest arriving shortly after 7 or close to 9. Anything in between would be up in the air for seating inside.

Where is it? Click this link to be directed to Google maps!


Update: Parents visited nearly two years later 🙂



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