Meeting Travellers Abroad


In this post I want to talk about meeting travellers abroad and why anyone can do it. Leave your worries at the door. We are all here for the same reason! Be confident like this bird above :p

This topic gets brought up so often that I have decided to do multiple posts on “Meeting Travellers Abroad”, so you can expect the same theme for the bulk of the upcoming week!

I’ve talked to a significant amount of people both before and after my three month excursion to Europe. This is one of the most frequent comments I get:

“Wow. You must be pretty brave to travel for that long on your own. How do you do it? I’m not the best conversationalist. I probably wouldn’t be able to do the same.”

Honestly, I usually laugh off that statement by replying with:

“It’s actually quite easy. You just show up. That’s IT.”

Ask any traveller. The truth is that meeting other travellers is WAY easier than meeting random people at home. Maybe there are exceptions in some parts of the world. I just can’t see it though. You’ve already passed the hardest test. You’ve decided to travel alone, and you’ve reached your destination. The easy part is meeting other people. Here are some of the easiest ways to meet other travellers abroad:

At Your Hostel:

You’ve just walked into your dorm room after walking in the wrong direction for an hour (me in Lisbon). You notice 3 people sitting in their beds, maybe they are talking, maybe they are all travelling on their own. What do you do? Here’s the secret I’ll give to you for free. It’s a secret tool that people have been using for centuries. Here it is. Wait for it. . .

You need to say one word. And that’s “hello”. That’s it. Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran. Maybe you take it one step further and say “hey, guys!”. You get my point.

At most hostels you are all there for the same reason. If you walk into a small room and say hi and nobody responds. . . I’ll stop writing blog posts if that happens. Because if you don’t at least get one reply you may be sharing a room with a bunch of *******, or they are all hungover, or you smell really bad, or it’s 4 a.m. and you just checked in and turned on all the lights, or you have crazy eyes. Otherwise, you are sure to meet people. Some of my favourite people I met while travelling were room mates of mine. 

Here are a few other quick hits for meeting people at hostels:

-Befriending the staff when you check in (or after). If they like you they will often introduce you to other staff and travellers

-Sign up for dinners at the hostel, or just show up if they have free dinners. Notice an empty seat? Sit down. Ask no questions. Just say hello.

-Sign up for the walking tours or pub crawls provided/promoted through the hostel


-Wish a bro a good shower in the bathroom. Or not. Actually, don’t do that unless you know the person and you have a goofy/weird personality like me.

On a walking tour: 

As mentioned in a previous post “Walking Tours: Just Do It”, I met a lot of people during the introductory stages of my walking tours. At least you get their name right off the bat!

If you are seriously struggling in person or you find yourself in an uncomfortable setting, there are a few ways to reach out to other travellers:

Outbound App: This app lets you see other travellers in the same area as you. Send them a message and ask if they are looking to meet up for an excursion.

Couchsurfing: A few times in Germany, rather than messaging locals I simply looked up travellers who had posted for the cities I was in. I messaged saying I was travelling at the same time and that I had a plan for what I wanted to see. It gave them the option for join me for a day out.

Tinder: I **** you not, I met people in every country (on the Tind’). Put up a recent picture of you travelling, then add a description saying you are a traveller looking to hang out and what you wanted to see. When you swipe just swipe right on the people that mention they are travelling . It’s guaranteed to work. More so if you are visiting for more than 2 nights. Just because you met on Tinder doesn’t mean it’s a date. Relax. Have fun.

What are other ways you’ve met travellers abroad (specifically travellers)? Comment below 😀

3 thoughts on “Meeting Travellers Abroad

  1. I met travelers getting lost and asking for directions. I was hiking in Cocora valley when a girl approached me and my new hostel friend Eric and asked to hike with us. And during transportation. I’ve met plenty of people on airplanes and in airports. I even met my boyfriend in an airport when we were looking for the bus. Being confused together is a great way to make friends because you don’t have to come up with any lines or really any conversation. You just have to problem solve together


    1. Yes. I was able to meet a bunch of new people hiking in the Cinque Terre. Mostly people that needed a break, so I hung around to talk to them.

      There is something about being confused/lost with people you don’t know. Somehow it’s easier than being in the same situation with someone you already know. You really get to know the person that way!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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