Portugal: Songs That Bring Me Back

2009 Blue Germany 552

My second beer of this night, in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (2009). Sit back, grab a drink, and listen to some music with me!

I’ve previously written on a few songs that I listen to when I’m on vacation. I’d like to do more posts with music, and this time I want to steal the idea of another blogger. Recently, I read “Musical Nostalgia – Songs That Remind Me of Other Places”, by Green Goats Travel.  In her article, she lists 5 songs that remind her of things ranging from school, to her hometown, and a few cities she has travelled to. I’d like to do something similar, so here it is! This post will focus mostly on Portugal. I’d like to do one for each country.

(1) My first few nights in Lisbon (Roses- The Chainsmokers)

My first 4 nights in Lisbon were arguably the best of my entire trip. If I had peak, that was it. I spent the days walking around the city at a leisurely pace. Did day trips with some mates. I even went out every night, which was something I hadn’t even considered before I left home. I was surrounded by some amazing people. This song was playing at the hostel before we went on our first pub crawl. If I remember anything it was hearing that song.


(2) Sintra, Portugal/Love Actually (Jump For My Love – Pointer Sisters)

I came back from a long day of hiking. I realized that I had the entire room (4 beds) to myself. I grabbed this song off of Spotify and made a bunch of embarrassing snaps, hopping around the room with it on repeat. You win this time, Hugh Grant!

(3) Taking the train from Porto, back to Lisbon (Breakdown – Jack Johnson)

I just remember feeling like I should have cancelled my flight out of Portugal, because I would’ve loved to had more time. I remember passing places like Aveiro and Coimbra, wondering what my impression of Portugal would have been like had I spent time in some of these spots.

(4) Arriving in Portugal (Lot Of Leavin’ Left to Do – Dierks Bentley)

I’m pretty sure I even tweeted the song out at one point. But I remember playing it on my flight from Dublin to Lisbon. I felt refreshed to be moving on to a new country, and I still had well over half of my trip left at that point. I just like the chorus, for the most part.

(5) Leaving Lisbon for the first time (The Days – Avicii)

I remember getting to the train station early. I went to my seat and started writing in the journal I had kept throughout the trip. It was one of those mornings where I had my iPod on shuffle and was quite surprised to hear this song. I didn’t know I had it. It was bittersweet. I was happy to be going to Porto. I had heard so many great things and was excited to explore the area. On the other side, I was quite sad to be leaving Lisbon. The thing was, I wasn’t overly attached to the city at that point. Rather, I was holding on to those first five days in Lisbon.

I had so much fun every day (and night). I met some truly amazing people. While the bulk of them slowly filed out before me, a few ended up staying another 2-6 nights. I was supposed to go to Porto for 6 nights and I came very close to putting it off to spend more time in Lisbon. It was probably THE most difficult choice I had the entire trip, now that I think back. It would’ve been easy to book into any hostel, meet new people, and continued on with what I started. It’s one of those decisions that makes me wonder “what if”. I guess I’ll never know the answer to that.

Next one: Music that reminds me of Ireland



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