Corso 32: A Review

Canada’s 100 Best (Link to their review)

A Little Honesty First

I am a wannabe foodie. I think this was something missing in my life for a long time.

When I went to Europe, I had some of the best meals of my life. Some expensive, some cheap, some in backyards, some on rooftops, some in alleys, and some in my own hostel. Overall, I can’t think of too many meals abroad that I didn’t enjoy.

Here in Edmonton (my home), I can’t say the same. Well over 90% of my dinners out have been at chain restaurants. And while I have no complaints over the prime rib at The Keg, it was time to try something new. About a month ago, I booked into Corso 32 for my mom’s birthday. I have to say: it did not disappoint.  If you want to know why it’s named Corso 32, check the link under the first picture here. Our waiter told us it had something to do with the location of chef/owner Daniel Costa’s ancestral home. Cool beans. Here’s my review:

Wine Me, Blazer

Corso 32 has a great wine menu spanning different regions of Italy. I knew right away I wanted a bottle of 2013 Fontodi Meriggio (Sauvignon Blanc from Toscana). And because I am far from a wine expert (and I think pairing is stupid if you’re trying multiple different dishes) all I will say is that IT WAS GOOD.


One could make the argument that you could come here and have a meal of just starters. After pre-scouting my picks, I have to agree. We tried two of them and I can’t wait to try the rest. It’s a good thing service is pretty fast because this guy was ready to chow down.

House Made Goat Cheese Ricotta

Stolen from : Dinner With Julie. Click on the coloured part to be linked to her site (Hint: it’s awesome)

The goat ricotta is mixed with maldon sea salt, crostini, and a generous amount of rosemary oil. First, this was delicious in so many ways. I didn’t like the first bite but the more I ate the more I fell in love with it. Here is a live reaction of my second bite:


The bread smelled great, and the cheese paired well with it. I think the booster of this appetizer was the rosemary oil, which gave it the extra punch needed!  Even better, they give a lot of ricotta to spread. We finished every piece of bread with a good amount of cheese on them (and I DO NOT HOLD BACK ON MY SPREADS) and there was still quite a bit of ricotta left over. I would have this with every meal if I could!

Aranchini (half order)

Stolen from… someone on Tripadviser?

The aranchini was even better. I would go so far as calling them spheregasms. If you visit with just one other person, the half order is more than enough (especially is paired with the ricotta (above). I am not even going to describe what is in it. Just trust me: IT IS F***ing delicious. It reminded me of the time I almost cried eating in Lucca, Italy (so good). Here was my reaction to the aranchini, as it reminded me of Italy:


If the gif isn’t clear, the aranchini made me feel sad about not being in Italy. Like the TV series Friends, I didn’t want it to end.



Stolen from: Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen. I am assuming Bernice (who writes the blog) took this amah-zing picture. Awesomesauce. Check her blog out as well! Just click on Dish ‘n’ Kitchen right under the picture

What can I say about the cavatelli that I didn’t already say about the aranchini. It rivalled some pastas that I had in Bologna. I’ll just leave it there. I suggest ordering the dish and splitting it with your partner. The portion size is still pretty damn good after the split. and you can both make your best O faces:


At the same time, I wish I had come alone and had this to myself. Sorry, Mom. haha


Game Hen

If I had to nit pick one thing from the entire experience, it would be the game hen. Don’t get me wrong. This dish was also F***ING DELICIOUS, but I wish I would’ve ordered a second pasta to split instead. We ordered the potatoes with them and our meal went from light/filling/delicious/orgasmic to “Sweet baby Jesus, I am too full”. It just didn’t go with the rest of our meal. That being said, I would highly suggest the dish. The balsamic reduction was the winner of the plate (IMO). Had I gone back to ordering, I would’ve gotten the tagliatelle after the cavatelli, but I have that choice for next time.


Stolen from the Edmonton Journal (Hey, I am not making money from this shit, obviously!)

Anyone here ever orgasmed 3 times in an hour? Me neither. But that changed when I topped off a fantastic meal with the Chocolate Torta. It was the cherry on the cherry on top of another cherry, if that makes any friggen sense…

I just didn’t want it to end. Even though it’s small, the torta with salted hazelnuts packs a ton of flavour. I would come back to Corso 32 100 times and still order this as a dessert. In fact, I don’t even care what the other options are. You guys can go ahead and have a special dessert menu for me that lists this item alone. As I slowly sliced into piece with my fork, I immediately thought of this moment from Anger Management


My Gut Says

I think I just found a new favourite in Edmonton. Although, I still have lots to try in the coming months, Corso 32 has wedged itself into my grinch heart somewhere between my favourite meal in Lucca and the best pizza I have ever had in Venice.

The biggest complaint I heard was the seating itself. People complained it was too relaxed, the tables too basic, and the chairs cheap. Well, welcome to the real world. People that want to have all the ritzy shit can make their way somewhere else. Although I did not eat at “upscale” places in Europe, most great restaurants had similarities. Similar seating, tables, and great fucking food. If you seek comfort over taste, Corso 32 is not for you. At the same time, I found the music really added to the atmosphere.

The setting was adequate (if not great), the service was outstanding (THANKS), the wine was drunk, and the food was AMAH-ZING. I will be going here again. If you live in Edmonton, or you plan on visiting, I highly recommend Corso 32.

Tip: This restaurant can* book up weeks in advance. I booked a 6:30 slot back in the beginning of February for the end of March. 

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