The Next One: NYC/Boston


My view from little perch on the rocks in Central Park (2013)

I recently started a new job with a company I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. As a result (more specific to 2016) I won’t be doing anything extravagant this year. While I had a few options on my mind, I always thought the next one would be NYC. 

It took me a while to settle on these cities. I looked into NYC-Nashville, NYC-Houston, NYC-Seattle, Japan, S. Korea, Croatia, and I even looked at returning to Portugal to see the south. But for someone that now has more limited time in 2016, I felt like NYC-Boston would give me the best opportunity to see something new, continue hosteling, and stay in a nearby timezone. NYC is one of the only major cities that I could ever se myself visiting more than once, and Boston is just the icing on the cake…

A little over 6 months ago I drafted up my first  “Travel Bucket List”. If I recall correctly, I had at least 50 things on that list that involved 20+ countries. I ended up pulling that list out of this site because it was untidy. While I’m in the process of making it look a bit better I know that 2 things stuck out to me in that list, and I knew that both could be done in the same trip:

  1. See a ball game at Fenway Park
  2. Rent a bike and spend an entire day in Central Park

Alas, the stars have aligned! And I am again realizing how lucky I am to be able to do these things. At the beginning of October, I will be doing a 10 day trip that will start with 4 (3 full) days in Boston, and finish with 6 (5 full) days in New York.

New York

But wait “you’ve already spent 7 days in NYC, bro. What gives?”

NYC isn’t a hit it and quit it kind of city for me. It’s more of a hit it and keep on hitting it kind of place. I feel like my first trip only scratched the surface:

  1. Empire State Building during day
  2. Top of the Rock at night
  3. Central Park for  a day *on foot 😦 (I haven’t seen close to all of it)
  4. Only at pizza twice
  5. Found the coolest tiny Italian place
  6. Shopped a little too much
  7. Wasted time in Times Square
  8. Did the NBC tour

I know there’s more, but those were some of the highlights. These are just a few of the things I want to try and get done this time:

  1. Bike around Central Park
  2. Do a day of Pizza Hopping
  3. Ride the Staten Island Ferry to get those shots
  4. Explore Brooklyn
  5. 9/11 Memorial
  6. Walk High Line
  7. DUMBO district
  8. Williamsburg street art

That’s just several of the many things I want to get done this time around. If you have any favourite eateries/spots please share!


I know there’s probably a lot to Boston, enough to at least spend 3 full days walking around the city. But seeing a ball game at Fenway Park has been on my mind ever since I first saw The Green Monster on TV. Outside of that, I really don’t know what else I’ll be doing just yet. I have a long time to plan that out, but if you’ve been to Boston be sure to share where you went! TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE PIZZA.

Even better, this trip will be just days after the time I had left for my 3 month “Euro” trip in 2015. So I won’t have to be sitting at home thinking about what I was doing the year before…

Anyway- If you have been to either of these cities and want to share your favourite spots I would love you forever (in a completely normal way). Better yet, if you’re there around the same time I’ll split a greasy pizza with you. Deal?


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