Getting My S#!T Together


Getting serious in Porto during a Port tasting. Also about to get serious in LIFE (sarcasm)

Ohhhh, boy! Have I been lazy the last several months or what? I don’t know if it’s being lazy after settling into the routine of my first full-time job or something else, but I haven’t exactly taken any time since the beginning of May to sit down and pound out some posts.

I’ve been astonishingly lazy. And that’s not just on here- that’s in general. I’ve managed to get into the worst shape of my life, I’ve spent a lot less time outside, and I’ve been staring at a screen way too much. The screen time doesn’t help when you get home and don’t even want to spend time doing things you enjoy. For me, that includes writing on here (amongst other things).

What am I doing about it? Writing about it on here so I can at least hold myself somewhat accountable. The new goal is to share at least one post- every Tuesday. So I will aim for one post, but will occasionally add a second (like today), especially if it relates to the first.

“What’s on the menu, Bro. Do you even go anywhere?” 

I still plan on getting out as much as possible-and would love any comments on any destinations I mention if you have been there. Here’s what is on the slate:

Sep 30-Oct 12: Over just under two weeks I will be travelling to Boston and NY. I just found that this would be the best combo for a shorter getaway. I will be spending the first 4 days in Boston, and hitting up a game at Fenway Park. I’d also like to do some kayaking in the river. NY is more of a do whatever you would like kind of stop. I know I want to take a day for Central Park again and rent a bike while I am there.

Oct 28-30: This weekend I’ll be back in NYC. Because of the uncertainty over the Billy Joel concert on Sep 30, I decided to get a ticket to the October 28 show. Going stag to the show so that should be interesting. Never been to a concert alone! Not too sure on the rest of that weekend just yet.

Going forward: I have about 6 or 7 days left that I can use before April (outside of holidays). I don’t plan on ever carrying days over to the next year, so I was thinking or going somewhere over a week and a bit in March. I was looking into South Korea, Japan, Croatia, or Italy (South), or somewhere in Spain. Which would you recommend on a short trip? I’ll be scavenging for a cheap flight over the next few months.



2 thoughts on “Getting My S#!T Together

    1. I’m embarrassed to say I had to look it up-but. I get it now! I would definitely try it out for a few nights.

      Thanks for the tip 😀


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