Newleaf: Bringing “Budget” Airlines to Canada

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.41.22 PMIf you are from Canada, odds are that by now you have heard of the new budget airline New Leaf  set to take flight at the end of July. And if you’re anything like me, you aren’t very excited either. At least, not for any short term effects.

I’ve spent some time comparing flights from Edmonton to Vancouver (the most likely flight for me to take. At most, you will be saving yourself between $50-100 to fly into a city that is one hour away from Vancouver (Abbotsford). And this doesn’t include the cost of your carry on.

Most flights within Canada will allow for one carry on bag for the overhead bin and one article to bring with you (perhaps an additional small bag for under your seat With New Leaf, anything bigger than what can fit under your seats will be charged. This means paying for a carry on plus any additional baggage you need to bring.

So I pose the question at this point- Is it really worth flying with New Leaf? No. Not in the immediate future. Maybe down the road their prices may have an affect on other airlines prices, but I don’t see that as of now.

Where I see them fitting in: I can see Newleaf working for business professionals that want to cut costs. It even makes sense for those that are trying to make their way across Canada and don’t want to waste time/money on a car rental (specially solo travellers).

Anyone else from Canada or abroad want to chime in?

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