My Favourite Walks: Manarola


Manarola (Cinque Terre, Italy) 2015 

In October, I spent 5 nights in Manarola- my favourite of the Cinque Terre. I spent most of the week getting over what I am thinking was some sort of flu/virus but was still able to get out every day and explore. Even though my legs burned and I needed to stop every 5 minutes I was rewarded with some amazing views as I walked through the wineries that surround town.

Start: At the door of my pick for an Airbnb (you can also book direct through them to avoid added fees)

Turn to appreciate your view before heading down towards the “harbour” where you have great views of the Mediterranean on one side and the town on the other.


Once you’ve built up that morning strength be sure to head up the main street towards Trattoria La Scogliera, where delicious food awaits you.


It’s just ahead you lazy bum. Keep going!

Just past Trattoria La Scogliera is where you can buy fresh seafood IN A FREAKING CONE. Get some calamari in a cone and put some fresh lemon on it. YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS.


With cone in hand (better be some freaking calamari) continue forward on Via Renato Birolli straight onto Via Antoni0 Discovolo and stay on the main street as you head towards the higher points of Manarola.

Once you  pass the Cinque Terre Trekking shop you will have 2-3 opportunities to hang a left and start your ascent into the vineyards of Manarola. The first 2 minutes or so involves some steeper stone steps so watch your calamari cone with the same care you would give to a newborn baby (careful when wet as I slipped twice).

Within a few small steps you will be acquainted with the narrow dirt/stone paths that take you around the vineyards giving you perfect views of Manarola and the surrounding Cinque Terre 🙂


From up here you can ascend a bit higher towards the trails that take you to Corniglia or turn back. You can either head back the same way or head towards the west point of the vinedyard (closers to the water) and take a path that will bring you close to the cemetery for Manarola.

Note: If you take the path nearest the cemetery there will be a few bushes as you get closer to the pedestrian walkways. And if you love ants like I do and you brush up against those bushes you will be treated to hundreds of ants climbing (or trying) to climb up your legs. What a treat.

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