Hello, Toronto!

Opening Day 😀

Whoa now! Haven’t done a post in a while…

Not much has changed over the last few months, except the part where I moved to Toronto.

A few months back, I was offered an opportunity to stay with the current company I am with to open a new office in Toronto. I sat on it for a few weeks, but in the back of my mind I always new I wanted to work in another city (didn’t matter where). And even though this is the last Canadian city I ever thought I’d be moving to, here I am. There’s a lot I’m excited for over the next 1-2 years here:

The Food: Both professional writers and bloggers agree on one thing, for sure. And that’s that Toronto boasts an excellent culinary scene of both fine dining and eateries. The most common line I’ve read is ‘you can eat in a new restaurant every day for a year and still have places to see’. Well, I imagine they all wouldn’t be that good, but that is impressive nonetheless.

My favourite so far has to be Porchetta and Co. Located on King Street West. And I haven’t even scratched their menu yet!

The Sports: Toronto is home to the Blue Jays, Raptors, Argos, Toronto FC, and a few other clubs. And ya, I won’t ever be caught alive/conscious at a Maple Leafs game unless the Oilers are in town.

Already booked off a day of work to see the Jays during the day, what!?

The Graffiti: If there’s one thing I wish Edmonton accepted more of, it’s graffiti. When I traveled in the fall of 2015, looking for murals and other small bits were the best parts of my trip, I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt. Toronto has several areas where it is not only accepted, but it’s evident that it’s taken seriously here- and I can’t wait to snap some shots!

My next touristy thing will be seeing graffiti alley. If you watch Rick Mercer, you’ve already seen a section of this place 😉

The Location: While I’m not exactly close to Banff/Jasper anymore, Toronto gives me ample opportunity to travel to spots in eastern Canada for 1/4 of the cost it would take from Edmonton, or less.. I’m excited to check out Ottawa, maybe eat my way through Montreal, and finally see the east coast! A short trip to NYC to see Billy Joel in NYC would be ideal.

That is if I can afford to travel after I weed my way through this ridiculously expensive housing situation. 

I think the next update will have lots of graffiti in it 😉






One thought on “Hello, Toronto!

  1. Good to hear from you, also sounds like great eateries! Hope you get a place soon.
    Take care of you.


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