Pizzeria Libretto (King West)


Ugh. I didn’t turn my phone sideways last night 😦

I’m an early explorer, but within King West there are a few gems I have come to know over the last few weeks like Porchetta and Co. and Wilbur Mexicana. These places are right across the street from each other, so it came as no surprise that my first favourite pizza joint in Toronto has become Libretto, located just around the corned from Porchetta (they share the same building/decor).

Libretto does Neapolitan style pizza which is a favourite of mine. If you’ve never had, this typically involves a softer middle. So you start by stabbing away at it with a fork and knife before you pict up the rest of the slice. And according to Libretto, everything about their pizza is legit with their brick oven (stolen from their site below).

Libretto Website

I’m a modest person, so I opted for the special pie that night and a dish of calamari, for myself. No shame though, even as I scarfed it down as the only lone attendee that night. The special itself was good, but I would strongly suggest starting with a more classic styled pie to really enjoy the style of pizza (like a margherita or something more simple). Mine had some broccoli mixed into it, and I don’t believe that stuff belongs on any table (I clearly did not listen to the server).

Regardless, both dishes came out mouth watering, and there was not a drop left on my plate afterwards.

If in Toronto, I strongly suggest going to Libretto and grabbing a pie and maybe even some, dare I say it…ARANCINI! Do not order Neapolitan pizza to go, sit down and enjoy!

One thought on “Pizzeria Libretto (King West)

  1. I never really planned to ever go to Toronto – but you may have change my mind. Though I have wanted to see a Jays’ home game forever- since seeing the Expos in Montreal. (That was a verylong time ago. )


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