State of Toronto

It’s has now been a little over 2 months since I moved to Toronto, in March. I have to say, I’ve barely started to scratch the surface of the city, but thought it would be good to catch up!

Thumbs Up:

  1. Walkability- Toronto has been a great city to explore by foot, so far! There’s lots to see within an hour walk of the CN tower, you almost don’t need to take public transport!

2. Graffiti- Another big thumbs up to the graffiti scene. Of which, I have barely explored!

3. The fooods- Oh my goodness! I will say, I am pretty loyal to the places I love (mostly pizza), but I know I could go out for a few dinners a week and still not run out of good restaurants (within walking distance). Special shout outs to the following beauties:



North of Brooklyn

Makers Pizza

Porchetta & Co. 

Wilbur Mexicano

Pizze Lucano @ Masseria

Thumbs Down

1. The Blue Jays – I bought several pairs of tickets during the first two weeks at home and the Jays are off to their worst start in franchise history. Top that with me leaving Edmonton while our hockey team is having their best season in decades, and I am pretty impressed (sarcasm)

2. The Island- Due to flooding concerns the island just south of the Toronto waterfront had been closed to visitors. Reports are saying it most likely won’t open until mid July, leaving only a few months to spend time there before winter!×725.jpg

3. The Beer Prices– We already have to pay a stupid tax rate here, WHY DOES BEER HAVE TO COST SO MUCH, GAHHHHHHHHH. Average pint will run you $8 here, so enjoy that.

Anyway. Lots to be happy for. I’ll be running through Bloor, Parkdale and Riverdale in the coming month to see as any murals as I can. The restaurants are endless and the good weather is finally here 🙂 Be prepared to be spammed with Graffiti pictures from this day on, and my first look into another Canadian city next week!

Graffiti Update:



One thought on “State of Toronto

  1. Love the graffiti, the lake scene is beautiful, and the pizza made me hungry.
    Keep the blogs coming.
    Love you


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