3 Things: Supporting Travel Dreams

*Insert Matthew McConaughey voice for the following*: The thing you gotta understand is.. there is no right or wrong way. Trips come in all different shapes and sizes, just like noses..

You’ve done it. You’ve planned it out or maybe you’ve just dreamt up your next trip and are finally sharing it with your friends/coworkers:

You- ‘Hey [Insert generic name that suits both genders], I’m going to be going to Rome for a week!’

Them- ‘Why though’. Rome is a dump. Do you want to enjoy the real Italy? Go to [Insert small town that is expensive to travel to and inherently out of your way] instead.’

Or my favourite response ‘I went there back in ’94. Was a shit hole then and must be a shit hole now’.

Meanwhile, they go back to sip their fine wine…probably thinking about how awesome their life is and how much better they are than Anthony Bourdain.

Depending on the person you’re talking to you’ve just deflated their dream in some form. So you’ve just gone out of your way to be a dingus. Was it worth it? Side note- I’ve totally been this person.

Here are three things to consider when someone is sharing their travel dream(s) with you:

1. Remember when you had your ‘aha’ moment in travel-

And then think about how deflating it would be for someone to come to your dream ‘house’ and shit on the front lawn.

I remember my first ‘aha!’ moment. I was heading into my last year of business school and was totally distracted while writing a paper on Southwest Airlines. I remember going to Nomadic Matt’s and clicking through some European countries, and finally landing on Italy. I was confronted with beautiful shots of the Cinque Terre and thinking “Sweet potato fries.. I need to go to Europe when I graduate” And I did.

Everyone was super supportive. From profs, to classmates, friends, and even the parents. It was such a boost of confidence in knowing I was doing the right thing before sort of rushing myself into adulthood.

Had someone been negative towards my plans, it 100% would’ve affected my confidence. That’s just in my nature. It was the best feeling in the world and I hadn’t even booked my ticket yet. Remember that feeling, and enable others to feel the same. Even if you don’t ‘agree’. 

Vernazza Harbour, Cinque Terre, October 2015

2. Offer to help plan- 

This one can be a double-edged sword. But in the end it is better to be helpful than not at all. KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS. Whether you have been there and want to share your experience or end up researching it yourself, you should remember the following:

  • How the person is travelling. Going solo vs going with friends brings very different dynamic 🙂
  • What is the person most excited for? Are they not a foodie? They probably don’t need a list of restaurants to look into..
  • How long are they are going for?

That list could go forever. Referrals are widely used when travelling, just don’t overwhelm someone with them! Last thing you want to do is make them regret the length of their stay and worry they won’t have time to see what they want to 🙂  Worst case- you’ve just offered to help, similar to helping a friend move where you are supportive but don’t actually do anything. 

3. It’s not your f**king trip

This one is a big one for me. Someone will tell you where they are going and your mind immediately goes to a negative place for whatever reason. Remember this is not your trip. Trips come in all different shapes and sizes, just like noses 😉 – Was that even English?

Note: If you find that you’ve ran through these three things and still feel the anger sharks swimming, a last tip would be to smile and nod approvingly 😉

Stop being an asshat 😀

Next: State of Toronto: Part Deux, updated section for Toronto Food, and other bullshit (let’s be honest, it’s mostly my grandma reading this. Sorry for swearing, Grandma!).

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