Montreal Street Art: Part Deux

Montreal had so many good works that I could not possibly share them in one post. This one is poifect 🙂

I’m currently looking for some references that highlight the artists behind some of the murals! In the meantime, here is part two in my series of Montreal street art. The posts you are seeing are all from two half days of walking through one part of Montreal. I fully expect to go back by fall to add to the series! 😀

The other side

I’m not going to pretend that I know that this is ^

Whaaaaaale hello random alley works 🙂

So many things in one thing!!! ^

Peace 😉 

Love the pitch black that highlights the graffiti in this area

I f**king love these 😀

Dont play with _____, kids!

When you thought your camera was playing tricks on you but it wasn’t :O

Some things just cannot be explained ^

Bugs Life meets A Knights Tale?

I love them. I just love all the things! ^

Stay Humble. 

Definitely part of mural fest! Will find the proper name behind it!

Next Up: State of Toronto Part Deux, my attempt at discovering Ossignton, and more graffiti (always)

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