Montreal Street Art: Part 3

Is it the 60s or am I just really digging this mural? ^

What would be a series of posts with out a part three 🙂 It’s a wonder I did not split this last post over two, just like all ‘great’ movie franchises.

Anywho, this will be the last one from Montreal for a while. That is, until I manage to go back for a weekend to hunt down all the updated murals from this years mural fest.

Rest assured that there will be a lot more to come from Toronto as well!

Budz or nah? ^

Love love love^

Does anyone remember where these are from? ^ I can’t remember and it kills me inside. Help, childhood Colin!

This wasa the first mural I saw in Montreal. Had no idea what was to come <3^

For a split second I thought “OMG. AARON PAUL.”, but nah. ^

Wut is this sorcery^

Castle on the hill?

Hope you liked the small taste of the Montreal street art scene as much as I have. Can’t wait to go back in the fell 🙂

Next: State of Toronto: Part Deux, Ossignton and more graffiti..

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