State of Toronto: Part Deux

Get some beer, Batch!

Welcome one and all to the ‘State of Toronto’ update, where I attempt to briefly sum up the last few months of life in the city. My goal is to give a thumbs up/down for certain areas. Here we go:

Thumbs Up:

  • Toronto Islands- Since late May, the island(s) have been closed to visitors due to flooding. As a result, other parks like Trinity Bellwoods and the Waterfront neighbourhoods were packed pretty tight on any nice days. However, we’ve seen the closures lifted within the last week and people can now take the ferry over to the beaches 🙂 Stay tuned for a post on the island!

  •   Food- As I write this my first though it ‘How in the h*ck is this number 2?’, but such is life (and I am too lazy to copy and paste above). The food here is positively ‘lit’ (as the kids say) and deserves a post of its own. My new goal is to visit at least one new place a week, so check in on that in the ‘Toronto Food’ section under ‘Toronto Life’ as I build that sucker out (properly…hopefully).
  • Covfefe- Holy S#!t, Batman! I just lost my coffee v-card this week. Now in full coffee house hunt 😉 Mostly loving Quantum and Coffee Bar Inc.
  • Graffiti is still a thing

  • Canada Day- What could be better than a day at the park and then fireworks off the CN tower?

Thumbs Down:

  1. Rabba ‘Fine Foods’- I’m really just fishing for things I do not like at this point, but since they are the closest ‘grocery store’ to my place…I do not like you. I never did like you. I only go to you because you are across the street. Could you please stop treating your employees to poorly that the scowl at most of your customers? Signed, a reluctant customer.
  2. Poutini’s House of Poutine- Slow service (although good for one person), bad gravy, and uninspiring white/dirtied walls. Mine as well hit up a New York Fries for a poutine in this point.
  3. Swass- For me, warm weather and humidity becomes a real problem. More than one would think. Here’s to all the other swassy people barely getting by!

Ed Sheeran. Probably singing to me. Whatever.

Next: Ossington

4 thoughts on “State of Toronto: Part Deux

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this one Colin – man, do I feel like ‘Mac n’ Cheese’ right now….Hilarious about Rabbas ‘fine’ foods….just goes to show: life is FUNNY!


  2. Really loved this one, especially the Mac & Cheese shack , great picture of you, and T.O skyline.,story about food story interesting.


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