Ossington: Street Art

On Friyays we share graffiti, Pitches!

I thought it would be great to follow one topic for at least a string on posts, for once! Last Sunday, I took about 4-5 hours and walked from Graffiti Alley towards Bellwoods, and then went from Queen and Ossington up to Bloor and Ossington.

I think Graffiti Alley will always provide the best canvas for local artists but Ossington had some neat surprises (like above). All photos were taken between Queen+Ossignton and Bloor+Ossington, no more than a block off of Ossington on the way up. Enjoy 😉

Riders cycle shop ^ 🙂

Or…you know. Don’t smoke meth. Whatever.


Garage doors of Ossington

I love the garage doors in this city, often displaying some cool murals (or really shitty graffiti). I noticed as I worked my way up Ossington, I found garage doors on the east side of the street displayed some great street art but the west side had none whatsoever. Must be the classier part of the city :p

Next Up: Celebrating pizza

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