An Ode To Alberta

#NoFilters, Kids!

Holy S#!T.

Do you ever see a photo or a 30 second spot (or longer) that just get’s under your skin, latches on to your soul and consumes your thoughts for the rest of the day?

That was the case when I was on YouTube, yesterday. Forced to watch another commercial, yet this one popped up on behalf of Travel Alberta:


Okay, this one happened to be almost 3 minutes, sorry!

Oddly enough, it started playing before I had a chance to read the title or see the Alberta logo, and within seconds I was thinking ‘holy shit- this is home’.

And then I lost the next hour of my day to Travel Alberta videos. Unreal.

It’s funny how I always hear people say something like:

‘Don’t take those views for granted’

‘If I lived that close I would go to the mountains every weekend’

or a personal favourite ‘Holy cheese balls. You are a lucky little shit to live there’

Yet, I’m certain at this point that I did take those views for granted. Moving to Toronto has been a goal/dream of mine to work and live in another city. I’m doing that right now and couldn’t be happier. That being said, I see videos like this and I can’t believe I spent a shit ton of money going to Boston/New York and other places after starting my first full time job.

At some point in Europe (2015), I came to that realization that I actually am an outdoors person, not a city person (for travel). Yet, since coming home I’ve done one trip to the mountains and that was during a short visit to Edmonton in the summer.

It’s videos like the one above that feel like you’ve been woken up, been slapped in the face and even doused with water- coming to that realization that some of the best views, people, food and hikes are in your own backyard.

That’s not to say I’m moving home. But it’s certainly re-ignited that itch again. That feeling I haven’t had since buying my roundtrip flight to Europe, back in 2015.

I feel some good hikes coming on the horizon 🙂

Pictured above is Grayson, a good friend and blog model. A BLODEL IF YOU WILL HEHE

2 thoughts on “An Ode To Alberta

  1. Love your blog! Beautiful scenery. I think Alberta is the best place to live. Our Eskimos are going great, now if someone would just light a fire under our Oilers.


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