Toronto Street Art: Reclamation Wall

Racoon on left by KIZ + LEGIN – Fire Truck by CTR + JAMZ
Part of the Reclamation Wall, located just east of the overpass before Parkdale (off Queen West)

Dubbed as the ‘largest graffiti mural in Canadian history’, the reclamation wall (just west of Parkdale) was brought together by Urbancorp in combination with local artists in Toronto.

Initially, to prevent tagging issues on the wall, Urbancorp would commission  grey paint to cover up the issue. As you can probably surmise- this never actually helped solve the tagging problem. They commissioned the Reclamation Wall to fight back against tagging. It’s done the trick so far (about 4-5 years later).

I’m finding it difficult to see exactly who did each mural but thought I would share anyway 🙂 Ivy has started to take over the top 1/3 to top 1/2 of a lot of these murals, but in the first case below it may have added some funk as well.

Here are some of my favourites:

One of my personal favourites in TO- UBER 5000 (always with the birdies)

A cool section mixed in with the fall colours 🙂 


Officially scurred of aliens


Laughter Solves, PEOPLE!





New Haircut, who dis?





One thought on “Toronto Street Art: Reclamation Wall

  1. Loved your street art, favourite is one with fall Colorado leaves in background, although all are interesting.
    Thanks for another great blog.


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