It’s been one year

It’s been a little over a year since moving to Toronto, of which, I never thought would happen. I still remember talking about how this would be the last place in Canada that I would ever move to.

However, I’ve grown quite fond of several parts of this city

In the words of Stefon:

If you like freaky stuff, ugly condo buildings, cramped transportation and good eats- this place has it all. 

If you like graffiti/murals, Toronto might be the city for you-

Don’t just poke around graffiti alley, when within a 10-20 minute walk you have so much more to see-


Little Portugal

Not to mention the underpass parks, reclamation wall, queen west, east side and tons of other places I haven’t checked out yet!

If you enjoy convincing yourself that spring is ‘right around the corner’, Toronto may be the place for you- until you realize that it will be ‘at least another week’ before spring is indeed here

If you wake up every morning and immediately check the weather…and then scroll down to see the ‘feels like’ after adding in wind chill, Toronto is definitely the city for you- and if you like wind tunnels, this is 100% the place for you

If you like pretending you are on the ferry to Shutter Island, Toronto and the Toronto Islands may be the place for you- albeit, the Toronto Islands are super nice and you should spend time there. No lobotomy, promise…

If you enjoy pretending to watch the ball game, only to be able to drink at higher elevations, Toronto is 100% the place for you- especially if the dome is open!

If you enjoy random trinkets, crazy people, spooks, fun, weed, beer, cheese, assorted meats, tacos, plants, popcorn, being served by someone that looks like Bill Hader’s long-lost cousin, TORONTO IS THE PLACE FOR YOU, MY BAHD- and this can all be found in Kensington Market.

If you like partaking in regular bowel movements, Toronto can help you- and you can achieve this with some good coffee from Little Nicky’s, Quantum and so many others (RIP COFFEE BAR).  

If you enjoy filling your empty heart/stuffing your fat face, I swear on everything pure in this world that Toronto is the city for you:

I see you eying that french toast


3 thoughts on “It’s been one year

  1. Again, enjoyed your blog, liked travelling around Toronto with you, the pictures of food always make me hungry, and as the family joke goes, should ” dial up” dinner.
    Happy Birthday tomorrow.
    Love You


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