Italy Revisited

Vernazza Harbour, October 2018

After visiting Italy (solo style) back in October 2015, I never thought I would be back this quick. I remember how sad I felt as I flew out of Venice towards Dublin to start the next part of the adventure – I knew I had to go to a new country, but I also knew in the back of my mind I could have easily spent the entirety of the three months in Italy. 

Allora, all that changed as we (me + Kelsey)  looked to plan our first lengthier trip together. We started by white-boarding all the European countries that would be worth spending 2 weeks in. We filled out all the main attractions and places we would like to see in each spot (and the weather), but all of that was for nothing. I think both of us had it in the back of our mind that Italy would be the perfect choice for us – both having spent some time there. 

It was most likely the sense of familiarity that drew us back – the beautiful coast along the Cinque Terre, the food, a cooking course we couldn’t miss – it just felt like the best 2-week disconnect from work life without dealing with any crazy long flights or adjustments. We were not mistaken! 🙂 

Follow along as we catch you up on our time spent in Venice, Lucca and the wonderful Cinque Terre!

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