Venturing Back to Venice

Me and Kelsey on top of  T Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

Venice has always rewarded those who are able/patient enough to navigate away from the busy crowds of the Grande Canal, San Marco, and all the identical tourists shops and trap restaurants that surround it. 

Without a doubt – should you stay more than the standard recommendation of ‘Oh yea. One full day is more than enough to SEE Venice’  –You may surprise yourself with what you find:

Sometimes you take a wrong turn and find the most peaceful streets 

Sometimes you think you’ve found a gem and wind up with the worst meal of your life

Sometimes you think you’re taking the wrong turns but you still wind up in the right place

These are all part of the Venice experience – and I think we got a taste of each. The choice to start our two-week vacation in Venice was a smart one. Starting with the city that encourages the most walking for the best views and working our way towards the Cinque Terre, where we could relax before heading back to Toronto life. 

Follow along in the coming week as I highlight our favourite Gelato spot(s), our worst meal, Kelsey’s favourite laundry photo spots, Burano, bridges and an AirBnb recommendation to boot – not too mention a slightly awkward check-in experience 🙂

Pictured Below

  • Top Left: Calamari in a cone from Acqua e Mais
  • Top Middle: Kelsey looking west? Too bright to tell 😉 
  • Top Right: Me trying my first Suso gelato/sorbet combo
  • Bottom: Probably somewhere near Suso 


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