Fourth time’s the charm?

Probably the fourth SuSo run in Venice, Italy, October 2018

You need, like, a hobby, Man..”

That I do. That I do.

I’ve heard this a few times from different friends over the last few years.

We’ve all be kickin’ it at home and while some of us got right into some side hustles or projects a lot of us got into sittin’ on the couch and going through our Crave, Apple TV, Prime, Netflix and Disney subscriptions to find something worth watching while we scroll through Twitter.

That’s good for our mental health, right?

I remember 2 years ago writing ‘Third time’s a charm’ thinking I had a long list of stories and content I would be excited to share with my fellow WordPress travellers. That excitement lasted about 2 weeks before I couldn’t muster the energy to open the ol’ laptop after work hours.

But times are different now. We now live in Calgary. We’re spending tons of time in the mountains when not travelling abroad. Only now am I mentally in a place where writing posts won’t eat away at my soul. I think there’s finally things worth sharing again. Things like:

  • Coffee + food things (Calgary)
  • Mountain things (Alberta + BC)
  • Vancouver Island
  • Vancouver
  • Future things

I think I want to get out of the headspace of overthinking how I do justice for each post. I’m going to stop trying to cram everything into a similar format. And I look forward to just…sharing. That’s it.

If you read this far I am curious to know – how do you like to discover information on places you are travelling to? Let me know in the comments whether it is:

  • Long form posts
  • Short lists
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Curious to do things a bit different this time. Especially in the voice space if I can muster hearing myself talk.

Anyway – here’s to the 4th crack at it. Let’s make this a real hobby and not a chore!

My partner, Kelsey, just re-did the background image for the site. Just admire it!

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