Kananaskis: 3 Great Stops for the Avid Day-Tripper

Whether you’re local or planning a trip to the Alberta Rockies this summer, you should consider spending your time outdoors in Kananaskis.

We’ve spent a decent amount of time in parts of Kananaskis over the last year or so and love it as an alternative to Banff national park during the busy months of July/August.

The following stops and hikes are some of our favourites that we think you should add to your summer/fall lists. I’ll be sure to add more to the list heading into the summer season!

#1 Day hike at Yates Mountain via Prarieview Trail

Rocky Outcrop Viewpoint, Yates Mountain, May 2021

I’m biased to this trail as its the first hike I did with friends after moving from Edmonton to Toronto, years ago.

The first chunk of this hike may not be exciting as you make your way through some switchbacks on your way up, but the two stunning viewpoints are worth the trek. The photo above only captures a portion of the rockies you see as you pan right (west+north) at the viewpoints.

There is a slight scramble at the top with plenty of trees to hold onto. We like using our poles for the way down to save our knees a bit of impact – but it is doable without. And this can be a great winter hike with the proper gear.

Tip: If its a hot day I strongly recommend heading back the same way you hiked up. Jewell Pass is nice but tacks on a bit of time. So make sure you pack tons of water.

#2 Enjoy a relaxing lunch at Wedge Pond

Wedge Pond is a great day use area any time of the year – so take advantage of the space and enjoy a picnic. It’s also a great spot for a photoshoot!

#3 Day hike at Mount Lipsett

This was the first peak hike we had ever completed. And on the way down it helped us understand the value in hiking poles! ahah.

Similar to Yates Mountain, the initial climb doesn’t provide a ton of viewpoints. Once you’re above the tree line you won’t regret the work you put in to get there! Take your time at the top of the initial hill as you will be greeted with 360 degree views of mountains and plenty of space to relax before you complete the final climb to the peak.

Considering it is a peak hike it isn’t too bad. I was completely out of shape when we did this in ’21. But we do recommend starting the hike in the morning to avoid the mid-day heat. Bring lots of water.

With some popular hikes near Canmore (EEOR and Ha Ling) closed this summer, I hope these spots fill the void.


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