Tent Ridge: A Must-Do for Your 2023 Hiking Season!

Looking at Spray Lakes Reservoir from Tent Ridge – September, 2022
  • Are you mildly afraid of heights?
  • Having you done some moderate hikes and are now looking for a slight challenge?


We did this hike in fall 2022, and by far it was our favourite hike. Being able to walk for several kilometers on the ridge gave us uninterrupted views of the spray lakes area. An absolutely stunning mix of peaks, lakes and miles and miles of green were what we were treated with. We would 100% do this hike again.

Why we chose Tent Ridge

Up to the point of hiking Tent Ridge, my partner and I haven’t really done many ‘challenging’ hikes. I think the biggest two I could think of would be:

Tent Ridge Horseshoe had similar specs to it. It’s ~800 elevation gain but that elevation gain is thrown your way after you get past the meadow and hike straight up to the end of the ridge. We found the comments on AllTrails super helpful in suggesting this hike be done clockwise!

We chose this hike because its classified as ‘HARD’ but based on comments from others, it’s a moderate-to-hard hike, so a great way to break into that next grouping of hikes without killing yourself! And has a pretty mild scramble getting up the ridge that will help you begin to get over your fear of hikes.

Photos and videos from the hike

Helpful YouTube videos

If you’re planning on doing this hike – here’s a few YT videos to check out!

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