2022 Recap: From Island Time to Mountain Peaks

Lake Louise, August 2022

How late is too late for a 2022 recap? I think we’re safe sneaking in just before the end of January!

Ever since moving back to Alberta, we’ve made a point of getting outside more often. This recap isn’t a list of ‘top 2022 moments overall’, rather, a recap of some of my favourite spots outdoors between some Alberta and B.C. trips.

Favourite outdoor moments 2022

In no particular order, here’s some of my favourite outdoor moments/places.

#1 Niagara Falls, Vancouver Island

Kelsey rounding to the next waterfall, Niagara Falls, Vancouver Island, 2022

This ‘trail’ leading up to Niagara Falls really made the flora of the region pop. The tall trees, creek, the endless moss and the FERNS! Oh my! The FERNS! Is this Jurassic Park!?

This was our first brief roadside stop on Vancouver Island, and in less than 10 minutes had us giddy for the rest of the trip. More to come on this area in a future post.

#2 Jasper Sky Tram + Whistlers Peak

Jasper Sky Tram, June, 2022

Going up the tram on its own is a great experience. Taking the short trek up to Whistlers Peak absolutely amplifies the experience. Surrounded by the town of Jasper and then mountains in every direction (even Mount Robson on a clear dar) make this a view to never forget!

#3 Kayaking in the City?

Kayaking through False Creek, Vancouver, April 2022

Maybe not out of the city, but thought it was pretty neat you could kayak close to Vancouver downtown. With great views of the skyline, parks and all the permanent residents living in their boats.

Don’t drink the water!

#4 Sunset on Sulphur

Sulphur Mountain, Banff – August, 2022

Getting up to Sulphur Mountain isn’t without a cost. Unless you choose to spend the time walking up. But it’s well worth it! I highly recommend going for sunset, especially in the Winter!

#5 Hall of the Gods

Take the boat to Spirit Island! Jasper, 2022

#6 Cox Bay Lookout Hike in Spring

Cox Bay Lookout, May 2022

Is this even Canada anymore!? WAKE ME UP!

#7 Tent Ridge

Every second up atop Tent Ridge you can find yourself absolutely overcome with the mountain scenery. Being rewarded with these views of Spray Lakes at the very end was the cherry on top of our 2022 HIKING SZN.

Bonus: A mountain sharing the same name?

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