128 Days Later

On some tiny bridge in Venice… It’s been 128 days since I returned home from a 80 somethin’ day trip to Europe. 128 days removed from an experience that had been on the back burner ever since I was told “You can do anything as long as you get an education”, and I took that to … More 128 Days Later

Noch Ein Mal In Deutschland

Esslingen The last time I graced this country with my presence (for more than a few nights) was in 2009. It was my first look at any country in Europe, and it was everything I hoped it would be.  This time around, my hope is to see some places I missed in the first trip.

Lisbon: Just Getting Started

Walking in the Alfama, where every corner has it’s own special view I’m on the train to Porto, having wrapped up my first stint in Lisbon (Nov 5-10). I was always going to make time to come here and people always said good things, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it here…

Ireland: On The Surface

Just outside the Guiness Storehouse On the surface, I’ve always viewed Ireland as a country full of Irish stereotypes, folklore, and Guiness. I never really knew much of the country itself. Before I came, I was of the opinion that Irish people were all “tough” for no good reason…

Italy: Not Just A Dream Anymore

Manarola, Cinque Terre I think Italy was always a country at the top of my list. Without a doubt, my first trip back to Europe would have to involve at least several weeks here. 25 days later, and 7 destinations crossed off the list, I think I have gotten a fair look at the country…