Kananaskis: 3 Great Stops for the Avid Day-Tripper

Whether you’re local or planning a trip to the Alberta Rockies this summer, you should consider spending your time outdoors in Kananaskis. We’ve spent a decent amount of time in parts of Kananaskis over the last year or so and love it as an alternative to Banff national park during the busy months of July/August. … More Kananaskis: 3 Great Stops for the Avid Day-Tripper

An Ode To Alberta

#NoFilters, Kids! Holy S#!T. Do you ever see a photo or a 30 second spot (or longer) that just get’s under your skin, latches on to your soul and consumes your thoughts for the rest of the day?

State of Toronto

It’s has now been a little over 2 months since I moved to Toronto, in March. I have to say, I’ve barely started to scratch the surface of the city, but thought it would be good to catch up! Thumbs Up: Walkability- Toronto has been a great city to explore by foot, so far! There’s … More State of Toronto

Graffiti Alley

Just a few of my favourite sections from earlier this month 🙂 I finally poked my head outside for more than an hour a few weeks back and headed up to Graffiti Alley, located right off of Spadina/Queen Street West. Toronto is supposed to have some great murals and sections over the city where graffiti … More Graffiti Alley